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March 2012

Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Eye Cream
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February 2012

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick - purple shade
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Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick - red shade
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Give this to my colleague - Garnier Men Turbo Light Oil Control Cooling Foam!
i ❤ it bcuz:it has oil-trapping mud texture, lemon extract and mineral clay! This skincare developed specially for asian men, very cool!

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Give this to my colleague - Garnier Men Turbo Light Oil Control Moisturizer!
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Dry and Chapped Lips? Use Mentholatum Deep Moist Lipbalm!
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After applying my favourite L'Oreal Paris Hydrafresh Deep Boosting Essence!
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Using Garnier Pure 3in1 at home! it can be used as a cleanser, a scrub or a mask!!
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January 2012

Putting on my makeup with OXY Face Powder
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Kim Hyun Joong in Malaysia

Tuesday morning… hmmm so howwa you?

Still can’t get enough of the flower boy, Kim Hyun Joong? =P

yeah our flower boy gets flowers everywhere he goes.. and the hotel welcomes him with flowers too ~ sunflowers… it matches perfectly with his sunshine smile~ Well, now that he has left, I can announce which hotel he stayed d, although many already know haha, it was Ritz Carlton lol

this is where I spent most of my times during the 3 days he is here…

and this is not my hand ><

at the Ritz Carlton Club…

It was my first day with Kim Hyun Joong… and I got nothing to do… I regretted that I never bring my laptop…
I never know I would have so much extra time~

my friends suggested me to camwhore, since I never have the time to do it for so so so long :P

I’m going to cut my hair soon!! once i have the time to go to saloon~ how long should I chopped off??

This club is very cozy right… I like this a lot… so classic, so artistic yet elegant..

It makes me feel so sleepy…

I never have a good sleep for very long d… flying here and there… attending this and that… hmmm, I wish I can go to a vacation with my pets~

oh yeah this is the access card given to us to the level Kim Hyun Joong and the crews stayed in during the 3 days~

in the spacious lift, going to 27 floor before outings… it reminds me now that Kim Hyun Joong loves to sing when coming out from his room and in the lift… perhaps it is his way of relaxing…

My second day with Kim Hyun Joong, at The Face Shop Press Conference ^^

no matter how dark it is.. Kim Hyun Joong has a gift, a really beautiful one, his smile :)

I have got nothing to do so just waited there for Kim Hyun Joong exclusive interviews to be ended…

Many fans wanna take this backdrop home haha

You can see how tired I look…

Do not know what to wear.. too tired to think… just simply pair it with my boyfriend blazer in the morning…

again… I’m in the club and regret for not bringing my laptop again hahaha

It was the third day and last day that Kim Hyun Joong is here in Malaysia…

this is taken after we send him to airport and after he left… In this three days… I actually bump into many many many blog readers of mine… thanks for saying hie… hehe make me kinda shy lolz… but I’m very happy whenever u tell me u read/ like my blog! THANK YOU SO MUCH! ^^

I only have this photo together with my blog readers.. it was taken before Kim Hyun Joong arrives at first day… after that I was in hurry most of the times… didnt get to take out my phone for photos after you all take with me sob sob… hehe as for this photo?? I just wanna say I like you girls a lot!! such lovely twins!! They recognize me inside of airport washroom haha.. i was so sleepy so go inside to refresh myself… and I’m so happy when u girls tell me u are my blog readers, hehe, thanks for being so sweet, both of u are really cute!!! I just notice that we all have BLUES on us ^^

Bye bye Kim Hyun Joong @ KLIA
and to my readers who like him, hehe I’m gonna end this post by sharing with u some of my fav shots ~ =P

Like him when he blur blur~

Like him when he is cool…

Like his personality… like the very special something in him…

Like his cuteness…

Like his laughters…

Like his sunshine smiles…

Like his sideview…

Like his front view…

Hope that he is happy always =)

and hope that he comes to Malaysia again sometime soon!

hehe lastly, here is one very short video of him taken by me~
There are more but I really have got no time to transfer, sort and upload them, and I’m sure u have found many on other sites d ;)

Hmm… that’s all for now… christmas is around the corner again… what do u want for christmas this year…?


金贤重 - 马来西亚

Day 3 of Kim Hyun Joong in Malaysia

5 December 2010!!

* Everything is taken with my Olympus dslr and iPhone 4.

A refreshing morning, a refreshing ambassador in a refreshing outlet =P

Everyone welcomes Kim Hyun Joong outlet visit at The Face Shop Pavillion ^^

His fans are everywhere… even we can notice there are many at the escalators while it goes up and downs…

Kim Hyun Joong is very happy and keep smiling today~
we left from the hotel around 10am and reached Pavillion at 10:30, there are so many fans!!!
it was so packed and crowded~

christmas deco of the outlet… i like christmas =)

and also I like how he wears today too! He looks really good in his suit ya!

i think he still kinda sleepy haha

Kim Hyun Joong, the translator and Mr. Ong, the Manager – General Administration of The Face Shop

cute hairstyle~ like the color~

hehe again holding the mic with both hands ^^

gonna visit the outlet soon~

Kim Hyun Joong and one of the bodyguard from Korea~

Kim Hyun Joong inside of The Face Shop Pavillion

Him being the santa ^^

happy smiles of both~

waiting… like his hand gestures!

Oh yeah he also autograph on his standees~

Looking cute like always…

smile smile =)

I never use any flash on him… know that his eyes are tired, but I also get some shots when others taking his photos with flashes~

Beautiful orchids in his hands…

time to say goodbye again… he was there for 15 minutes ^^

I’m sure many gonna miss him… and we are going to Sunway Pyramid outlet visit after that…
many fans actually go there too after Pavillion visit… wow…

Hmm, I wonder if these still there leh, or gone d too =P


After stopping by at some petrol stations to buy waters and toilet break… we move on to Sunway Pyramid… many fans cars are actually following us at back… thanks to the fans for staying in the cars while we stopped… thanks for being so good ^^

the securities of Sunway are so caring for opening the road and leading the way…

prince charming~

Kim Hyun Joong at The Face Shop Sunway Pyramid =)

look at the happy fans!! so cute right!!!

he is really happy today.. as well as Mr. Ong ^^

nice nose he has!

I think he looks the best in suit… suit his cool personality…

haha this bodyguard actually have some fans too, i overheard some say that he is very handsome =P

he certainly has the kinda smile that can brighten the world… i think he knows it too, thats why he always smile in front of everyone, to pass on the hopes and happiness… he is really beautiful… from the inside to the outside…

bodyguards are actually not that bad… they are just following orders in delivering jobs… this time around the order is “no camera” and it kinda make many fans unhappy… please don’t say that u hate the bodyguards… they very pity also one… hope u all can understand ya… see, when u all are good, these men will all kneel down so that u all can get good and clear shots =) they are just obeying the rules given from the top and protecting your idols with their bodies… wondering why all are wearing long sleeves (inclusive me)? because at the end of the day, we will always get blue blacks over our bodies, scratches on our hands… this time during the 3 days visit, my heels and my handbag is broken haha.. hmm, personally I respect the bodyguards a lot… they starve and eat only after all the big things and will not drink even being offered because they wanna stay alert to do their jobs well… at times they even have to stay awake for days while celebrities are sleeping… and most of the times they will easily get scolded even if it is just very tiny little things… that’s why they always need to be very strict… behind the public, they are all very nice people… thumbs up, to all the professional bodyguards in the world!!!

haha here he is looking very innocent again!

eee, which one should i sign first??



he has been signing the same things yet he is so pro and give everyone his big smiles!

and shy smile too lolz =P

be santa again.. this time around is to a local celeb…

both are so beautiful!!




4… haha my readers please don’t hate me, from the sms I received, I know not everyone is fancy about him, but I can’t control myself in shooting his photos, he is just looking too good lahh =P

I told u… he is very nice to children… look at his hands, his eyes and his smiles… =)

cute expression to the media when he is visiting the outlet..

how can I miss his cute hands this time >_<

hehe Mr. Ong is looking cute in this photo too, I wonder why they all so happy yet control their happy smiles that day lo~

Good!!! yeah The Face Shop is a very good brand with good product, good ambassador, good leader and good staffs =)
* I miss the group photo =( i didn’t get to change my lens in time to fit in everyone sob sob…

it is his last public event in Malaysia this time… he ends it with a smile again =)

and then we all go back to hotel to rest… while waiting for the flight that night…

It is around 2pm when we back to hotel…

and again, he doesn’t wanna go out to eat but ordered room service again, having his own time in his room… hehe wanna know what he had most of the times when he is here?? It is “bi bim bap”, the name sounds very cute right, it is a very popular korean dish… or may be we can call it as mixed rice… it’s served in a bowl of warm white rice topped with namul (sauteed and seasoned vegetables) and gochujang (chili pepper paste), together with a raw/fried egg and some sliced beef, everything will be stirred together thoroughly just before eating…. you wanna know what I have been thinking??? omg, i love this guy so much… he can be that simple!!! he is just so simple… he ordered the same bibimbap again and again… and it’s just bibimbap… he never wanted any luxury foods or things… and most surprisingly… his room is well organize and he keeps his things nicely every morning… i really love his personality… he is just someone… deserve to be loved =)

and it’s time to say goodbye again…

sweet fans wait at the airport…

blur d @@ i was too far away when I shot this, these lovely girls posed for me!!! ^^

and here the koreans arrived KLIA…

fans chase all the way..

and from everywhere…

Again, many many many fans are there at the airport… to say goodbye to him…

Something very funny to share with you all…
there are some guys at the airport asked me who is the celeb… and right after I tell them he is the ambassador of The Face Shop and the leader in SS501, Kim Hyun Joong, their girlfriends shouted out loud and chased over d too, leave the guys there blur blur haha…

Goodbye to Kim Hyun Joong, and it is very nice to meet you, thanks to The Face Shop Korea and The Face Shop Malaysia =)
If i free tonight, I will update again and add in few more shots of his! ^^


Day 2 of Kim Hyun Joong in Malaysia

4 December 2010!!

* Everything is taken with my Olympus dslr and iPhone 4.

What’s next for Kim Hyun Joong after the press conference in the morning and his late lunch?
After a short rest and a quick change in his room… we are going to another public event of his..


More than 5000 fans of Kim Hyun Joong are there waiting for Kim Hyun Joong appearance…

and most of the loyal fans actually waited like 10 hours (since 7am)…

some came with lovely boards… I think is screen shots of his drama series? Hmmm may be I should really buy those series to watch~

and here he is!! the handsome and beautiful Kim Hyun Joong… around 5pm~

He is so caring that he tells everyone not to push because he doesn’t want any accident to happen…
* I heard that there are some fans fainted that day… hope they are alright now…

the dreaming guy… as well as the dream guy of many… ^^

Gorgeous princess of mine, Shanere, as the host of the event again =D

he holds the mic kinda close to his mouth…
so that he can speak without using much strength… as we know he is not feeling too well

and I like how he holds the mic with both hands… cute =P

The Cantonese emcee, Ken, the translator, Kim Hyun Joong and the English/Mandarine emcee, Shanere…

the lucky translator hehe

Getting ready to launch the latest products of The Face Shop~

again, looking very very very innocent~

and when the confetti blasts he was kinda shock hehe

The happy smiles of everyone, yeah let us all Love the Season and Love The Face Shop!!


now I know why so many people love Kim Hyun Joong, he has sth really special with him… I do not know how to describe it

and he has really nice skin, it’s flawless, it’s very fair and also it’s shinning!!!
That’s what I heard people from the hotel whispering about =P
as for me, he has baby skin!!! How i wish i have that too =(

He says that he has been using The Face Shop mask every night… because he always need to wear make up due to his job, and the masks works well in taking care of his skin… it makes me wanna try the masks so bad too now haha~

Both the emcees are really professional and make The Face Shop Korea and Malaysia very happy!

Very good job to Kim Hyun Joong stylists… in the morning he looks so good in white and now he looks so good in black…
white black grey are always in my top fav too, easy to match and always in trend ^^

and the cute smile again!

somehow I like this photo a lot, he is seated and getting ready to sign for the lucky fans!

sitting like a baby… but in real person he never act like a baby, he is very man!

drink water again…

and the water bottle gone missing again… it’s MAGIC!! haha

sexy side view!

The Face Shop notebook…

sign sign sign…

the total of 210 fans/winners are the lucky ones to have his signature~

Kim Hyun Joong checks out on the queue =P

there are 10 fans/winners who can take photo with him~

I think they are very happy for sure~

killing smile of his and sweet smiles of fans~

everyone wants a piece of him~

Kim Hyun Joong is very friendly to kids, he will look at them gently and come out with the most natural smiles!

His expression is so cute in this one haha! He’s looking so lost and doubting if should shake hand with the fan/winner… because it’s not allowed during this public event, if shake one it means shake everyone’s hand (210 fans) and his schedule is very tight…

Bodyguards are there to help him to fasten things…

99% of the fans are girls…

and of course they are guys too~

sunset soon…

and there are still many…

snap snap~

many green ballons and cute little santa hats… these fans are one of the most supportive fans! ^^

see this… also green balloons of theirs… HJ… very sweet right… it is taken few hours back before he comes..

smile =)

signing nonstop… for me, 210 is a lot.. his hands must be tired..

the lucky fans are so happy and excited!

looking serious…

eyes getting tired..

but still smile beautifully to every fan/winner who came on stage, he is so nice!

fans are there all the time for him..

cute fans with cute outfits~

my captured moment of the emcees =P

He ends the autograph session with his charming smile~

really many fans… 5000 is a big number for such short appearance…

time is running out.. Kim Hyun Joong was saying he regrets that he cant sign for everyone… he hopes he can have his new album promo tour here in Malaysia… as well as concert!

It ends d… bye bye to everyone… it was raining…

This is taken in front of him, sorry that it’s blur as I gotta rush into the car along d too~

After a very short rest, we all go to dinner at Pavillion… many fans are there too… they waited from the beginning of the dinner till it ends… the dinner is at Grand Palace… The Face Shop staffs are very happy with the meals treated by their bosses, and Kim Hyun Joong is very happy too, he must have love his trip here (being pampered by all the fans and The Face Shop Malaysia) and he enjoys the dinner a lot! well, when he walks out, many fans are asking if he is drunk, he is not, he is very good in controlling and balancing his limit, especially when he has another 2 public events at the outlet visit the next day! The dinner ends around 11pm and I’m sure he has a good sleep during his second night in Malaysia =)


1. The Face Shop press conference with the appearance of Kim Hyun Joong~

@ Ritz Carlton

cute standees of his ^^

when i reach there, i was like “wow”, there are so many sweet fans already waiting there!!! some even with presents in hands!!! Kim Hyun Joong is so lucky to be loved by many ^^

Loyal fans of Kim Hyun Joong who actually waited for long hours… sorry that I cant let u all come in and rest… need to follow orders… the press conference ended quite late as there are some exclusive interviews with the media after that too…

I love leaf hahaha, love how he holds the leaves =P

His appearance attracted nearing 100 medias there… and i’m truly glad that LisaYap.com is specially invited too~
thanks to The Face Shop Malaysia ^^

he steps in with his blur, innocent and cute look lolz

Together with our  bodyguards from Malaysia as well as bodyguards from Korea~

I think he is kinda shock with the numbers of press too haha

he is looking very cute in the latest tvc, I’m sure u can see it somewhere later!

*** sorry that some photos are blur, it was too hard for me to adjust much settings (carry too many stuffs in hands haha) but i like his expressions, so just put up  and share with everyone ^^

hmmm… it must be tiring to be someone like him… being the most pretty boy in the world, he has to ensure himself to look good at all time… i feel something in his eyes whenever i look at him… there are a lot of untold stories… jia you…

wanna know why he looks so innocent?

it was when the press asked him how he feels being the most beautiful guy in this big big world~ he is so so so cute and shy, he actually avoided the question and returned everyone with his sunshine smiles haha

Kim Hyun Joong says its the best when one can look beautiful in the natural way~

How to achieve it? it is to stay happy and be happy everyday! so Kim Hyun Joong’s fans, do this for him ya ^^

One more thing, Kim Hyun Joong loves to bath, he says bathing always make him feel better! And of course with all The Face Shop’s products that were showered to him, it will make the experience even better :)


smile smile~

and blur blur again…. haha he is so cute right?? even when he looks tired~

Love the details of his face… love the hairs, love the features…

Love his style… love the all the time favorite matching of white t-shirt with creamy blazer… yeah I love his blazer alot!!!

Love his shoes… and most of all.. love how he taps it left right left whenever there are questions from the press… right…

pause… thinking…

left… answer… haha he is just so cute!!

another cute expression of Kim Hyun Joong~

the water bottle is missing after that @@

him listening carefully to the questions…

deep thinking…

and off with his beautiful smile…

…and here he goes with his innocent and smart answer ^^

more questions by the press

with even he also buzzed up with some of them…

and to clear off his throat before back to answering the question… he was having a little dry cough that day…

and back again to the questions~

Hmmm, what would u choose if are being isolated at an island, your guitar or The Face Shop products?

haha another tough question that make him smile~

even blueh lolz!!

thinking… thinking…. thinking…

errrr…. and then a very good answer!!

If there is someone coming to rescue me, I will choose The Face Shop products for sure, as it makes me look good all the time, and I need a good looking face to earn money, but, if there is no one coming to rescue me, I will choose my guitar, I need it to entertain and accompany me… =D Brilliant!

And to the highlight of the day – the Official Launching of The Face Shop latest whitening product – White Tree Snow.

wow! what beautiful smile he got

and more…

and MORE…

a small break now…

and back to the smile again :)

and again…

and again…

and again… all this beautiful, gorgeous and stunning smiles of him lighted up the room (not mentioning all the flashes that has been shooting out from all the cameras ><)

here he goes taking a break from all the flashes of the cameras. i do not understand why so many flashes are needed. i didn’t use any flash and yet i think the photos look ok, right? =P but these flashes really is VERY tough for him. He actually had a minor headache after all these flashes but luckily we managed to get him his fav candy which help take away the migraine from him. even here in Malaysia also we can find it ^^

and back to the busy crowd at the conference

actually he doesn’t smile much behind the public.. the fact is I didn’t see him smile at all when he is alone..
i’m surprise that he is actually very cool person instead of just cute…

Kim Hyun Joong with the visionary man behind the face shop, Mr. Ong =)

Back to his seat and I think he seriously need more time to rest… his schedule is always so tight…

These few days with him makes me believe that he is someone who loves his privacy, and time to himself…

He was saying Korea is very cold now… as it’s winter d… and he feels very warm here in Malaysia… of course right, he has so many Malaysia fans who warms his heart and also media who sends warm regards to him and The Face Shop who treats his days here warmly ^^

He makes both The Face Shop Korea and The Face Shop Malaysia happy =)

She is The Face Shop manager that came all the way from Korea~

Hmmm, he must be hungry and thinking of his lunch now…

it’s nearing 2pm… and he has many more exclusive interviews going on later…

Everything starts from 11am and ends around 3pm (after all the interviews)… and he gets to have his lunch by then…
again, he chose to eat privately in his hotel room…
hehe u wanna know what is his favourite food?? reveal tonight or tomorrow!!

It’s over… the empty room which is still brighten up by his beautiful poster of The Face Shop…

Again, Thanks to The Face Shop for the press conference and also Kim Hyun Joong for spending his time this morning with us =)
We all really got to know a lot more about him after listening to what he says ^^


Day 1 of Kim Hyun Joong in Malaysia

3 December 2010!!

* Everything is taken with my iPhone 4.

Our Malaysia airport is full with love… the love for Kim Hyun Joong from all his fans who waited his arrival there today~

Look! Kim Hyun Joong flight just touch down hehe! SQ 0116~

Thoughtful handmade welcome boards are everywhere to greet him ^^

The good people from The Face Shop are also there, thank to them that we have his visit here in Malaysia these 3 days hehe~

Fans are so happy to see him and escorted him all the way to the car~ thanks for your warm welcome and keeping everything in order =)

Kim Hyun Joong gets into the car once it arrives, im sure you all can recognize him even from the back haha~
*** I really wanna thank to all fans there!!! all of u are really nice ^^
thanks for waiting for the car  to arrive together with Kim Hyun Joong without creating any problems, THANK YOU!!!

It was in the late evening, and I’m sure he will love the warm fans and warm sunset view in Malaysia,
from the window of his car (the above image)~ in the car, he was accompanied by roses from the fans at airport!!
yeah some of the fans are so lucky that they can pass the roses to him personally there!!
His journey to the hotel is also lighten up by the music that he is listening from his ear phone~

After a long way he reaches the hotel~ The staffs from the hotel welcomes him with sunflowers, just like his shinning smiles =)
*** cant put up the photos of the hotel yet although quite some fans already follow and know where d hehe

Hmmm, he didn’t go out for dinner today… he is very tired…
as for tonight, he ordered room service, I heard from the people from Korea that they haven eat since lunch…
glad that he has some time to rest tonight before the press conference and meet the fans tomorrow…
Goodnight to Kim Hyun Joong and goodnight to u too if u are reading this now!!
I will update more tomorrow ya ^^

P/S: This journey with him opens up my eyes to know that a superstar like Kim Hyun Joong can actually be so down to earth and non-materialistic… this can be tell by just looking at his luggage bag, which does not carry any fancy brands on it but still look cool and with style… he is just so nice and wonderful, now I know why so many people love him =)


THEFACESHOP 代言人金贤重来大马!

The time has come! I’m leaving shortly to fetch Kim Hyun Joong and for those of you who are there, see you soon ya. I bet everyone is very excited now ^^

hehe here is another good news for lisayap.com readers!!! Previously, I have been giving you free concert tickets, exclusive movie wallpapers/merchandises and now, I’m gonna share with you exclusive photos of another hot celeb!!! This time round, its for all you Korean fans lovers… presenting to you, Kim Hyun Joong!
exclusively at www.LisaYap.comA special treat by The Face Shop for all Kim Hyun Joong fans in Malaysia!!! Find out more information about Kim Hyun Joong daily activities in Malaysia, exclusively at LisaYap.com ^^ OMG he has such a cute and charming smile right~~~ and yeah, i bet you haven seen this photo before (its published only in The Face Shop notebook) hehe!

Beside of managing Kim Hyun Joong security in Malaysia this time, I am also the official blogger for The Face Shop Asia Tour with Kim Hyun Joong in Malaysia~ So, stay log on @ www.lisayap.com! ;)

Kim Hyun Joong (born June 6, 1986) is a South Korean actor and singer.
He is the leader of popular
boyband SS501 and a prominent style icon in Korea, winning multiple icon awards.
He gained widespread popularity beyond Asia for his role as Yoon Ji Hoo in the 2009 hit drama series
Boys Over Flowers.

And to make the year 2010 more exciting, THEFACESHOP’s latest spokesperson Kim Hyun Joong is making his Asia Tour in Malaysia on December 4th and 5th. Strings of events, loads of gift surprise and fabulous autographed merchandize await you!

Come and join the merriment of Fans Gathering Event.

Date : 4th December 2010 (Saturday)
Time : 5.00pm
Venue : Bukit Bintang Entrance, Pavilion KL

*Early birds who attend the event will be receiving door gifts by presenting the designated post cards. Valid while stocks last.

On top of that, you will also stand a chance to get his autographed posters, autograph on Special Note Book, take photo with him and receive attractive hampers.  Be enticed by the limited edition merchandize alongside with this special tour, which includes post cards and special note books.

Here’s how you can get a hold on all these remarkable merchandizes.

  1. Purchase above RM50 storewide and you will be receiving one Post Card.
  2. Purchase above RM300 storewide and you will be getting one Special Note Book & Post Card.
  3. Shoppers are required to fill up details on the post card and submit to the beauty consultants. Submission closing date is 30 Nov 2010
  4. From Post Card entries, we will shortlist 200 shoppers to get Kim Hyun Joong’s Autographed Posters.  From Special Note Book entries, we will shortlist 10 shoppers to get Kim Hyun Joong’s autograph on the book.  All these will be arranged on the event day, 4th December at Bukit Bintang Entrance, Pavilion KL.
  5. Furthermore, for Special Note Book entries, we will further shortlist 6 Lucky Shoppers for an Up Close Session with Kim Hyun Joong on 5th December at Pavilion KL outlet and Sunway Pyramid outlet
    .The Lucky Shoppers will get to take photo with charming Kim Hyun Joong and receive hampers.

*Terms & Conditions apply.

What’s more?!? Shoppers are entitled for more privileges from 5th December 2010 to 2nd January 2011. You may stand a chance to get Exclusive Autographed Canvas Bag upon purchase above RM50 storewide (the 20 Lucky Winners could be you!).
At the same time, you may get cash rebate RM5 instantly.

Immerse yourself in the joyful realm of shopping giveaways as THEFACESHOP is abuzz with loads of surprises, gifts and rewards.  Why settle for less, when you are entitled for more, right? Feast your eyes with sultry smile of Kim Hyun Joong alongside with this special Asia Tour!

Did you know?

In Malaysia, THEFACESHOP opened its first outlet at Mid Valley Megamall in 2006 and now they have overall 32 outlets in East and West Malaysia.

214 comments to Kim Hyun Joong in Malaysia

  • kn

    Thank you for sharing those lovely picture of KHJ. I’ve always thought that he has the most beautiful smile that I’ve ever seen. Loved your comments that accompanied the pictures as well!

  • thank you for sharing Lisa sis!~~
    you r so lucky girl… envy youuu… ^__^
    He’s flawless right??… beautiful smile he has.. perfetto person!!
    love him so much lahh… <3

  • Lynne

    Hi Lisa,
    Just chanced upon ur blog while surfing news on Hyun Joong in Malaysia.
    Love all ur pics with the comments.
    Some of ur observations are precious like the hotel room and how he likes bi bim bap.
    Did he enjoy dinner at Pavillion & is it possible to share the dishes that you all had?
    Is there any other details u can share during Hyun Joong’s visit?
    Thank you for sharing.

    • hehe thanks Lynne, i’m so happy that u love them~~~~
      Hmm… there is some limitations given to me that I cant share more than that oh… I’m truly sorry about it.. =( =( =(
      yeah he enjoys the dinner very VERY VERY muchhhh!!!
      thank you very much too for dropping by… ^^

  • el

    after reading your post …..thts the only thing i can respond

  • meteorflower

    hello Lisa, thank you for the pictures and the story behind the pictures, love the information you share

  • anna

    hi lisa,

    I just discovered your blog after you posted bout hyun joong! u are one lucky girl! you did a great job! but i’m curious to know, what is hyun joong’s favorite candy?

  • Hi Lisa,

    Thank you for taking wonderful photos of our angel, KIM Hyun Joong. I hope you don’t mind I re-posted them and your comments on our blog. I love how you are very considerate of him, thank you so much. Oh if I can’t re-post your photos, just inform me and I will take them down. I can’t thank you enough for sharing those captures. I hope you enjoyed covering his visit, you are so lucky!

    PS: now you know why we are crazy about him! “He had me at HELLO!”

    Good luck and have an advance merry christmas!

    • yeah he is really an angel!! of course I don’t mind ^^ you can re-post them for sure ;)
      hehe now i truly understand why everyone is so crazy bout him d, cuz i never expect someone like him has such personality… really perfect guy!
      u too, merry christmas azi!! ^^

  • Charlotte Ooi

    Thank you soo much for taking the pics…i don’t know y but when i see pics of him, i’m ald going way hypered…haha! :) Komawo! <3

  • kokoro

    thanks for sharing!!! i love it so much…you are really a great writer…^^

  • Nhokuleta

    I’m really regretful that I couldnt visit Malaysia though I made a plan before, but it’s at least lucky for me to learn about your website not too late^^ Thank you soooo much for all the great pictures and long and detailed narration about his 3 days in Malaysia. To be honest your post is really beyond my expectation ^O^ I just feel a pity for him that he could not have any chance to go sightseeing or play around in Malaysia due to the too tight schedule and his unhealthy state :( It’s sad to see him really tired and sick there but in your wonderful shooting skills, he still looks so handsome and cool and cute XD. I really adore your observation, your thought, your comments… all are realllllly nice and satisfactory for us. Even in the beginning I did think you were also one of his fan there, and just thought oh how can this fangirl be lucky like this, to be so close to him like this^^ Now I know ur not, but ur feelings about him really make me touched. Thank you so so much once again:X

    • hie, i also wanna thank u, ur comment is so supportive… it makes me real touching too, i always try my best to type each of my post with heart n true feelings, sometimes even type till late night or early morning, need a lot of time cuz i’m the kinda person who thinks a lot, and i’m always very busy… so its hard at times for me to actually blog… and when someone like u drop me such a comment, it makes me think that the efforts and stay ups are never wasted, thank u very much =)

      yeah he is a bit sick n tired but luckily everything gets better in third day~ ^^ he is really handsome, cool and cute, not only photogenic but also looking very good in person!
      hehe i’m not one of his fan from ss501 or dramas, but i’m a fan of his amazing personality now!!! =D

  • Nhokuleta

    Ah wanna say one more thing about his shining smile, u know he did have to put a lot of effort to practice, coz he originally was not the one who loved smiling like this (he just knew to laugh like out-of-controlled person whenever finding sth funny lol)

  • kn

    Thanks again Lisa for sharing your experiences with KHJ. You are one lucky girl!! I wish I can meet him in person one day but since I’m from the States, my chances of meeting him here are slim to none. I guess someday I’ll have to fly to Korea for that opportunity. hehe.

    The comment I liked the most from you: “he can be that simple!!! he is just so simple”. I think that’s the reason why his fans love him so much. He’s an extremely famous celebrity and yet very grounded and down to earth type of person. In a recent interview that he had, he revealed that most of his friends are non celebrities and a lot of them are his childhood friends. For me, that tells a lot about a person’s character and that’s why I’m so attracted to him. And of course, being good looking only adds to his perfect persona.

    • ya maybe someday u can fly to Korea and maybe someday he has his promo tour in US~ we never know right hehe

      thats is what i like most about him, really very simple… it touches my heart =)
      someone who treasures people who grow up together, someone who is so down to earth, and when the someone is such a famous celeb…
      he/she attracted me a lot too, Kim hyun Joong, he is really beautiful ya…

  • Thanks sooo much for posting KHJ’s thefaceshop tour..it means so much to me as I’m in Kuching. Initial plan was to have a short trip to KL but due to financial constraint, I braved myself to not shed a tear..huhu…
    Keep on writing and posting more cool events and pics..have a nice day ahead ^^

  • Yiyi

    OMG! He’s intoxicatingly gorgeous. His looks is so pure and ethereal. WOW!
    I wish i has his skin. Thanks for all the photos. I enjoyed reading your captions a lot.

  • Joyce Choong

    Annyeong Lisa. I like the pictures you took and I think I have saved most of it in my laptop. You are a super lady. You have taken the photos of beautiful Hyun Joong Ssi, uploaded them with comments, followed him around for days and nights, and replied to all the comments posted here. Thank you for the lovely photos. A beautiful consolation to many who could not be at the Fan meet event. Kamsahamnida.

    • hehe thank u so much joyce!!! so happy that u will save them hehe~~~ yeah sorry for my late reply kay?? whenever i free i will come here and reply my readers, hehe cuz i really treasure and appreciate u all for willing to spend time here in my blog ^^ Kamsahamnida!!

  • HanaKL

    \( ^ _ ^ )/ Dear Lisa, thanks for the 3 days pix. I just can manage taking a video since HJ walks so fast haha.. he’ll always be our 4D prince charming. Hope he’ll come back next year. Dying of his precious smile over n over again haha…

  • Gracie

    Thanks for the KHJ pictures and notes below each one. He is a very interesting artist. I am from another asian country and follow KHJ activities wherever this may be.

  • Joyce Choong

    Oh dear … my first time here and I encountered your comment is awaiting moderation. Did I write something wrong? I guess I shouldn’t write anything and just enjoy the pictures. Thanks, anyways.

    • sorry my dear!! u never write anything wrong at all!! i love and enjoy reading what u wrote!! it is just that my blog setting recognizes the email of every first time visitor’s comment and now that I’ve approve your first comment, from now on, every comment of yours will be auto approved d ^^

      my bad for checking comments late, cuz there are many spams everyday.. more than 1000 spams, so it takes me a while to delete them before i get to read urs sob sob, hehe thanks so much for ur comments ya~ very sweet, must leave more for me!!

  • MN

    Thanks for sharing so many great photos and nice comments. Glad to know that you like him too!
    Can I share some of your wonderful thoughts and comments with his fans’s forum? Really hope to share finding on his special personality with others. Thanks.

  • hi lisa :)
    im KHJ’s fan and TripleS(fans of SS501) as well .
    thanks for sharing such beautiful and wonderful photos with those nice comments ~

    i think you saw me and know who am i as i have been attended all activities …i went to KLIA . PC .fans gathering . and so on ~

    wish to see HJ soon and you too ^^

    • hey i went to ur blog and yeah i recognize u!!! and some of ur friends too~~
      hehehe, u really there during all his activities… and the balloons that u girls did for HJ, its very sweet & outstanding ^^
      yeah I wish to see u again too and im sure we will meet again (our country very small haha)!! ^^

      • :) thnks for visited my blog ~
        yeah,i saw my friends photo here xD
        they are holding green ballons and with santa hats XD

        thkns yarh ^^ its expensive actually ! haha!!

        nice to meet you :)

        • hehe welcome, i wanna thank u too ^^
          yeah the santa hats are so cute!! where ur friends get them?? i noticed it when at klia, haha advance wishes for khj and its really creative~
          wow expensive.. luckily u have a group to share the cost with…

          nice to meet u too :D

  • Joyce Choong

    Thank you so much for the warm welcome. I am a Hyun Joong collector -his photos, albums, articles, interviews and life history. I guess he fascinates my interest since the days of SS501’s debut in Japan. Someday, when I retire, I want to write a book about him. With so much data, it will fill up volumes! Ha ha ha.

    I also took the opportunity to read your posts and saw many photos … your cute dog, the events, your stay in the hospital etc. A picture paints a thousand words … after going through such experiences, it will make you become stronger, wiser and have a more positive view of life. Thanks for sharing and I shall look forward to more.

    • wow u collected everything about him? guess what joyce, its really very cool thought u have, u must do it okay?? must write the book and complete biography of his when u retired, don’t forget this beautiful plan u have, i support u!! and by the time if we are still keeping in touch, u must let me know that it’s written ;)

      hehe thank u so much joyce, for reading my blog and my life, yeah we are all getting stronger everyday, just like they always say, we learn from our mistakes and grow from our misfortunes, i love this phrase a lot that i always remind myself about it, thank u joyce, for this comment of urs..

      • Joyce Choong

        Hi Lisa, thanks for the encouragement and support. It will be a couple of years before it can really be called a book or something. Ha ha ha. Meanwhile, I am picking up the Korean language, upgrading my computer and photography skills. Next step is to attend more of his events. Hopefully, next year, we can see the fruits of Hyun Joong Ssi’s labor in his Solo album and a showcase to promote it, the comeback of SS501 and perhaps his first birthday celebration at KeyEast. In future, there will be more things to cover – various dramas, perhaps a movie or his debut in a Hollywood movie, Hyun Joong Ssi entering military services and the highlight would be his wedding and the creation of Hyun Joong Jr. I am looking forward to it. Happy Holidays and a great New Year ahead!

  • neylis

    how come there’s no single pic of u and him together? if i were u,i would have thousand of “i’m a stalker pic” and at least 3 pics of him and me together? hehe…btw,the girls actually made a fanpage of his handsome bodyguard on fbook…they said that his name is mr.jeong,is it true?i’m sure u’ll recognize him cos he’s all i can see at pavillion (be4 KHJ shows up)…kinda funny…huhu…http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/pages/Fan-Page-MrJeong-Kim-Hyun-Joongs-bodyguard/172388762793090

    • haha yeah i was holding hard not to ask for any photo with him cuz i’m working sob sob~ =P
      and thanks for sharing the fanpage with me, it makes me laugh so bad!!!! it is really funny, yeah he is the bodyguard, i forgot his name cuz i didnt get his namecard, i got the other bodyguard’s namecard only lolz~

  • neylis

    Lisa,see this vid to see his out of control laughter…i laugh along as i see him laughing like that,i’ll bet it’ll be the same for u too ^^…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lj5AV842pi0
    thanks for sharing everything u know about him…really appreciate it…makes me love him more and more…><

    • ………. it makes me laugh along too… he is so cuteeeeeee….. but im really surprise @@ i never know he laughs like this… out of control…. he is so serious and cool when he was here in malaysia… never know he can be really extremely easy n simple when with people who are close with him… yeah i like him more now haha

      **** i appreciate everything u share with me too, its really sweet of u ^^

  • yuri86

    wow…so amazing.
    you’re so lucky cos can meet KHJ live in your eye.
    when i see all the pictures n story that you write, i’m so jealous with you because i want meet him too.
    anyway… thank that you want share your experience with KHJ.
    i hope one day i can meet him.

  • dear lucky lisa yap..
    wah…so lucky of you..
    can get a close up chance with KHJL..
    thanx for sharing that moment during his visit here..
    i’m feeling like i’m there with the others..
    i got no chance to meet him at that time..
    thanx once again for uploading his awesome photos
    and its story…

  • neylis

    ure welcome…well,his fans know that he dont like to smile “like a big star”…he’s more of a cool person and he only learned how to smile after joining the entertainment industry…and he dont even care about his image in TV…i think now he’s more aware of it since he’s a spokesperson for various products…u can check out his reality program in 2005 with his fellow members ~Thanks for waking me up~…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRxmxPRMOdA..u can find the rest of the episodes in this channel http://www.youtube.com/user/superstarsubs..he’s so cute!!! love him to death after watching the program…the MC and his members had a hard time waking him up from a deep sleep…hahaha

    • hahaha thanks so muchhhh i’m watching them now~~~ ya i like him for not care much about his image on air~~~ when he becomes spokesperson for so many brands, there are too many things limit him… its never easy… thanks for sharing with me again neylis =)

  • neylis

    btw Lisa…if ure happen to contact the bodyguard who gave his business card to you…ask him to pass this info to mr jeong…guess he must be really shocked to hear that he grabbed our attention…haha…and i notice he’s taller than hyunjoong,huhu…forgot to share hyunjoong’s fanpage in fb…http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kim-Hyun-Joong/103753562992…over 1.2 million people like this fanpage, i think because the admin always upload his latest pic…if ure interested to join just check it out..it’d be my greatest happiness if hyunjoong got someone as pretty as you as his fan…hehe ><

    • hehe I joined d~~~~ and like his fanpage together with the rest ^^ again, i really wanna thank u for sharing this with me, yeah i will try my best to pass the msg to the bodyguard and let mr jeong knows about it lolz!! thanks dear, i just approved u in my fb!! xoxo!!!

  • neylis

    hehe…thanks for approving!nice to meet you…and i’m so glad that u’ve become hyunjoong’s fan now…cant resist his charm…even my friend-s friend wanted to bring her 3 months old baby to the fan meeting,luckily she came back to her senses..lolz…seriously,ive never been so crazy about anyone bfore,and i’ve never interested in joining any fan meetings but hearing he’ll come to malaysia…my heart keeps pounding~cant wait to see him.. hehe…but i didnt win anything,and there goes my dream…huhu…hoping to meet him in person at least once in my whole life…if god wills ^^

    • hahaha your friend is so cute!!! luckily she didn’t do so, there are many people and not good for babies~~~~ i never join any fan meeting before too, never crazy over anyone before too haha, but i really think kim hyun joong is a special one, deserve to be loved by many because of his charm from inside to outside~ i will pray for u later, that u get to meet with him in person someday!!! ^^

  • neylis

    thanks for ur nice thoughts…hopefully u’ll be invited as one of the staffs again for his next visit…^^

  • neylis

    hehe…and when that time comes,u have to share it here with us…if u need any extra hands,let me know ya! i’d do anything to help,but it’d be too difficult for me to stay calm when he’s around…kekeke..

  • neylis

    i’m imagining it rite now…it’ll be funny,have to control ourselves when he’s near…but on the inside wants to scream out loud like a fangirl…what a tough situation…XD

  • neylis

    but still…having a privilege as a staff,seeing him upclose for 2~3 days,thats already enough for me (as if i got the chance to be the backstage crew.lol)…even his die hard fans can only stalk him using their dslr camera to get a closeup of him..it’ll be hard to see him upclose unless theyre attending his fan meetings…even so,they can only stare at him for like 2 minutes – while he’s signing? ure sooo lucky dear…do u have any idea how many gurlz out there wanted to be like you?hehe

    • hehe true also~ the privilege is really nice only when the artist is nice still, its tiring one ah whenever there is any artist tour, as the preparation works are a lot as well as during the visit, but i still enjoy it, not only because it’s interesting and fun, but also because I get to meet many kinda people, like now, i even get to make friend with u d!! ^^

  • neylis

    agree…^^ me too..got to meet new friends at the fan meeting..chatting and talking about him for hours while waiting…kekeke

  • Lena Wolfgang

    thank you lisa.. you’re really make KJHL’s world bright and light.. hope all the best for him and you.. Lisa Yap.. my angel..hehehe ;)

  • afayscute

    hi LISA UNNIE..hehhee..h r u? long time no see yaa..hahah..REMEMBER ME?? go! go! lisa yap!!heheh…PEEWEETT! ur blog got many reader n commts..clap 4 u..pap..papp..papp.:P sis..wen i see pic of kim hyun joong..suddenly, im crying hardly..waaaaaaaaaaaaaa….i dun no y..may be so happy to see photo of him wit beautiful smile and site of him..uhuhuh..(ACTUALLY,NO WORD CAN DISCRIBE HIM)and crying again..cant stop crying loorr..hohoho..afayscute! stop crying ok!! smile like kim hyun joong! oh yeeahhh!!! (^O^) btw..deep in my heart..im 100x THANK YOU to u coz post those photo..SALUTEEE!! :)

    p/s: love kim hyun joong photo and lisa unnie photo..cute lorr…when both of u fell sleepy..wawawawawa…go!! go! LISA YAP!! TO THE WORLD!! & EPY NEW YEARRR!! HHUURREEYY!!

    • hehehhehe hieeee dear!!!! how r u??? yeah its been very long no see!!! ur comment is so cute ahhaha u make me laugh, why u cry lah my dear, hugs kay? must be happy and smile all the time like kim hyun joong!!! spread the charming smile n happiness around~~~~~~
      hehehehhehe epy new year to u afayscute!!!!!!!!! happy everyday in 2011!!!!!

  • Lena Wolfgang

    dear angeLISA…
    hi sweety sister.. how are you? i hope you’re doing fine.. its not to late to wish u happy new year rite? wish you all the best and may all your dream come true.. finger crossed.. (thats for both of us) hehehee.. hoping to see more picture of you celebrating the chinese new year,.. cant wait to hear more from you..
    angiLena… hehheee

    • hey dear, so sorry for my very late reply, i have been too busy to check on my comments here, so ur wishes are never late to me hehe, same to u ya, hope u have a great year oh!!

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  • Joyce Choong

    Lisa, lisa, How are you? Kim Hyun Joong Ssi is coming back!!! I hope he will be under your care and “protection” again. I was invited to be an administrator of Mr Jeong’s FB (Kim Hyun Joong Ssi’s bodyguard)We are using the picture taken by your team as the profile picture. Please, if you do meet him again, can you ask him for his full name? Thanks. At the moment he is only known as Mr Jeong. Ha ha ha. And please take lots of pictures of our Hallyru Prince and King of Pirates! Thank you so much. Take care.

    • hey joyce im fine!! omg im so happy to see ur comments again hahahaha!
      yeah he is coming back!!!!! im not sure if i will be involve this time yet~ wahh u are one of the admin for mr jeong’s fb? the picture is taken by me i think, and i was so so so surprise to see the facebook page, damn cute and sweet of u all to create one for the handsome bodyguard hahahha! yeah if i get to meet him again, i will ask him for his full name lolz~~~~ sure i will take lotsa pics if i can make it to the events! u take good care too ya, hugssss

  • Joyce Choong

    Lisa, Lisa, I hope you will read my message soon and not 5 months later. By then, Hyun Joong Ssi would have already left the country … sob, sob.

  • Joyce Choong

    Lisa, thanks a lot, 谢谢. So nice to hear from you again. And thanks for the sayang! Love you too. See you in August!

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