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March 2012

Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Eye Cream
i ❤ it bcuz:it's a combination of 3 types of Hyaluronic Acid with MORE moisture retention capacity to keep my eye area mosturised! This eye cream unlocks younger looking eyes with just one drop!

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February 2012

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick - purple shade
i ❤ it bcuz:it's most sensational ever! it has perfect coverage with the creamiest lip color texture ever! it's more than just a lipstick, it's very woman's must have! it's nourishing ingredients give our lips the creamiest and softest treatment with honey nectar(anti-oxidants & minerals), emollient waxes (protect lips against tightness & dryness) and vitamin E (protect lip's lipid layer & prevent moisture loss)!

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick - red shade
i ❤ it bcuz:it's unique formula and nourishing ingredients, it is truly a woman's best friend! It has pigment highlighting technology, a blend of ultra-shiny oils, creating a color effect so striking, multi-dimensional and shiny! no more dull color on lips, embrace a lip color that gives us the full coverage so intense and so brilliant!

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Give this to my colleague - Garnier Men Turbo Light Oil Control Cooling Foam!
i ❤ it bcuz:it has oil-trapping mud texture, lemon extract and mineral clay! This skincare developed specially for asian men, very cool!

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Give this to my colleague - Garnier Men Turbo Light Oil Control Moisturizer!
i ❤ it bcuz:it has 6 hours oil-absorbing action, anti-grease and skin brightening for men! my colleague loves this moisturizer!

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Dry and Chapped Lips? Use Mentholatum Deep Moist Lipbalm!
i ❤ it bcuz: it's an unique OVAL tube lipbalm, it fits my mouth corner well with just a single swipe! and it won't roll away when place on flat surface too! it's no.1 lipbalm brand in Japan!

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

After applying my favourite L'Oreal Paris Hydrafresh Deep Boosting Essence!
i ❤ it bcuz: I have dry skin, living in a humid and hot country like Malaysia makes it even harder to me to keep my skin hydrated. Working event outdoor and my skin is constantly exposed to environmental harms like pollutions/ damaging UV rays, staying indoor in an air-cond room all the time also speed up my skin's dehydration process, after using this product, i feel my skin is not that tight and dry d! love this so much! it leaves skin 48hr hydration up to 5 skin layers deep!

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Using Garnier Pure 3in1 at home! it can be used as a cleanser, a scrub or a mask!!
i ❤ it bcuz: no more fussy skincare routine for a busy girl like me! Thanks to garnier, with three benefits in just one product, my routine is significantly simplified! Pure genius! Give me 3!!

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

January 2012

Putting on my makeup with OXY Face Powder
i ❤ it bcuz: it's one of the best face powder for oily and acne prone skin!!!

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

On my vacation with Sunplay Superblock SPF130 PA++
i ❤ it bcuz: It's new advance solarex-3 technology for more powerful protection against the sun!!!

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www.LisaYap.com ❤ ❤

Garnier M'sia Official FB

-我很荣幸被钦点为- I am in:

As Uth Ambassador

As Lumix G Team

Sayonara… fats

I was at OSIM ‘Trim and Healthy’ Competition at Sunway Pyramid last Saturday and saw more than 20 participants battling to win those fabulous prizes offered by OSIM~

昨晚深夜才从泰国回来,所以迟了些许和大家分享当天出席的活动~ 昨晚和今天腾出时间和赢了入门票的读者匆忙见了面,你们都好年轻好可爱哦~ 特别是年纪最小的Yen,谢谢你那么塞车还是来了,还有也要谢谢你妈妈专程载你哦,至于eric b,半夜没睡却紧张来拿票和留言的你要多休息,不要老是把自己弄得这么累,要有多些娱乐时间,Aki我们一定会再见面哈哈,谢谢你之前和她们一起的努力哦~ 最后,想说真的很开心有每一个正在读着这里的你们支持与参与我这里举办的一些比赛和活动,谢谢你们没把少了更新的我忘掉,谢谢你们在忙碌的日子中依然会来这里看看,谢谢你。

For those of u who have read about this contest earlier in my blog, u would have know that there are more attractive prizes to be won when you join OSIM’s Facebook contest and here it is~
* If u’ve missed it, its okay coz u can still join OSIM facebook page and get to know more attractive deals they have for you ^.^

加入osim的面子书吧,我相信他们一定常会放上最新促销与回馈顾客的好产品好价钱,甚至是其它给大家的免费小小见面礼,种种活动比赛等~ 我一得空进入面子书那里时也肯定会加入了~ 爸爸妈妈说想要按摩椅,没钱却要尽孝的我当然得时时刻刻留意它们几时再有大折扣咯~

Part one of the competition saw contestants perform twenty squats with an OSIM uKimono massage belt strapped on to their stomach areas and this was followed by a question on the uKimono… so it will be going like uuuuuKiiiimoooonoooooo when answering haha~

And that is not the end to it as we see the contestants rushing to complete the obstacle course in the fastest time possible by doing hula hoops with the uKimono mini slim belt massager strapped on their arms~

Fifteen participants walked away as winners as they win themselves more than RM6, 000 worth of prizes!!
The first prize went to Poon Sook Yee with two exclusive VVIP S.H.E tickets worth RM800 each as well as an OSIM uKimono mini massage belt. Second place fell to Chong Siew Ting, who won two exclusive VIP S.H.E tickets worth RM600 each and an OSIM uKimono mini. Apart from winning complimentary RM100 OSIM cash vouchers, consolation third to fifth place winners walked away with two S.H.E tickets worth RM198 each! Ten other participants were also proud winners of RM50 OSIM cash vouchers~
恭喜大赢家们哦~ 今晚能够在S.H.E演唱会这么近距离与偶像接触的你们一定开心坏了!

My purple OSIM Ukimono and also the tickets for LisaYap.com readers~
* So nice meeting up with the winners who came and collected their tickets, do enjoy the concert today ya!!! Share with me ur joys kay~

有了OSIM uKimono, 我终于可以开始我的瘦身计划啦!!!还要采用你们独特的方式~~~~

I also didn’t go home empty handed… now I am also a proud owner of OSIM uKimono hehe!! ^^
* I love PURPLE!!! Thanks OSIM I Love U~~~

明天或后天要好好计划我的每日按摩活动,健康饮食 ,简单运动和睡眠时间,迟些日子放上来给大家过目,也好提醒自己要履行,用它时也会拍些照片放上来有图为证(要是很久都没的话⋯⋯ 就只能说我真是懒人一个了哈哈)

It was surely a great day for all the OSIM and S.H.E. fans that were there that day. I’m sure that there would be more and more exciting stuffs awaiting us in store at OSIM. Do feel free to drop by their stores some of these days to check it out. Until then, do stay Trim & Healthy with me haha =)


- END –

The 5  Winners!!

Congratulations and thank you ahh~~~

1. Eric B
My reply =)
thanks for suggesting me to use it in the morning while preparing my breakfast, and remove it when my breakfast is ready, enjoy my foods while reading newspaper then, it sounds so nice! and yeah i totally agree that it saves a lot of time for me to go out exercise, and it is always good to keep fit in the morning, thanks for this wonderful advise of yours to start every brand new day of mine with energetic and healthy lifestyle!

2. Aki
My reply =)
haha, your answer is detail enough! its true that my body gets tired and sour most of the time as I have to run events all the time. hehe thanks for asking me to use it when i’m doing paperworks in office! and thanks for understanding how important my family and friends mean for me, thanks for suggesting playing those games with them by using uKimono. Everything gets so fun then. I love to jump (hope to get taller haha), love hullahoop (have been picking up gymrama since secondary school), love rapping (very into rapping recently and have a lot of cool rappers friends), thanks for knowing what I need – health and happiness, together with people I care for. haha, i love your suggestion of using it while singing, listen to the awful yet funny singing with the vibration, i’m sure it works like ur say, it makes me feel a lot better when im down, its so cute of u! yeah, i will surely wear it while watching tv~ can say goodbye to fats while sitting for long hours d! less tiredness, less stress, achieving better healthy and body in an easier way is really what I have been wanting~ thanks!

3. Hugo
My reply =)
Agree! Beauty doesn’t last forever, but i can have a slim body at any age of my life by using uKimono~ hehe i will try my best to exercise 3 times a day (i’m lazy but i think i can use uKimono daily hehe)k, together with a balance diet (hopefully i can control myself better haha), and be happy everyday (its true that it takes more muscles to frown than to smile). yeah, using it during tv time is a must, using it while mopping is something catches my attention, thanks, i will surely try it out! thanks for reminding me the amazing benefit of uKimono – increase the rate of metabolism and blood circulatory sistem in body. I love your idea of using uKimono for a more beautiful life! thanks.

4. Germainefyyl
My reply =)
Guess what?!! u have the best answers for me and my uKimono haha! thanks for understanding me so well!! i will surely use it when i’m dancing with my special one, my friends or sister or lover, like u said, i will surely enjoy how my hip is vibrating and swinging fats away at same time! as for the suggestions for my everyday life, gosshh, it’s awesome! u think everything for me d, sweet! Using it while dreaming for a even nicer dream, eating as MUCH as i want and use it to remind myself that im on diet again, don’t use it when putting on my make-up haha, using it when i’m having my working time in front of pc or entertainment time in front of tv so that there is no fats accumulated around my waist and hip, no spare tyre that grabs all the attention from me, using it while cooking since i will be moving around in a standing posture, using it when insomnia to release my stress and have a better rest/sleep, using it while exercising to let 2 machines (my body and my uKimono) work at a time, using it when i’m sad so that my brains will release endorphin during the good massage time, using it when i’m happy so that i feel even happier, thanks for emphasizing uKimono = HAPPY, because I really want to wear uKimono everyday and happy everyday. You are welcome my dear, now u have the chance to S.H.E concert, because u are one of the winner hehe!! thank to u, these ideas help me perfectly! =)

5. Wei Jin
My reply =)
hehe its true that i have a busy life and hope to get a peace in both my soul and mind, especially when it comes to fats. i love how portable it is and the trendy design of it. Thanks for telling me to use it when i’m under stress, getting tired, feeling tense, losing ideas, bad mood, OT in office, or bored as uKimono always come in handy~ hehe thanks for letting me know that anytime, anywhere, whenever I think of uKimono, SHE will always be my best mate! By just a single click, my health, confident and happiness are all alive, I totally agree that uKimono brings a whole new essence into my life, thanks Wei Jin!!

To the rest of you who joined, thank u so much, don’t be disappointed if u didn’t win ya, I will always share more good stuffs with u all, I always agree that good things are meant to be shared~ thanks for waiting (I’m currently oversea and have limited access, sorry to keep u waiting oh ^^)

To the winners, congratulations and love u so much for sharing these wonderful ideas with me~ can u email me your contact number at iam@lisayap.com and let me know if u prefer to pick up your ticket from me on Friday or Saturday at Pandan Indah area,  and what time you are convenient as well, i will call u to confirm it once i’m back, thankssssss~!!!

Once again, thank u everyone for everything =)

- END -

S.H.E concert tickets deadline - exclusive LisaYap.com contest

Dear everyone,

Thank u so much for joining the S.H.E concert tickets contest here in my blog and OSIM facebook!! It’s so sweet of u for supporting S.H.E, OSIM, uKimono, and LisaYap.com, thanksssssss ^^

I’m going to close the submission by 8pm today (28 Feb 2010, Sunday) and announce the winners TODAY (might be late night as my time is kinda tight today, 1 March 2010, Monday)! well, its gonna be a real tough decision for the judges… as most of u have got real cool answers @_@

Meanwhile, u may still leave me your most creative answers below, 8 more hours to go hehe~ gambateh!

Lisa Yap

- END –

-  photos taken by photographers from Cari Chinese forum when I was 17 years old -

Kimono – meaning something that you wear (ki “wear” and mono “thing”) and a very beautiful piece of cloth known for it’s elegance and beauty. Imagine if this ‘thing that you wear’ will not only make you look good on the outside, but also inside. Wouldn’t this be a good thing?

And yes, OSIM has actually give us something to wear that not only looks good on it’s appeal, but also make you look good physically… their latest innovation – uKimono!
(and I actually got one of it as my gifts… hahahahaha, thanks to OSIM!!)

其灵感来自日本和服的 OSIM uKimono 完美符合了人体工程学设计,

You would have seen it around when you go shopping, yeah by the sweet look of 3 familiar girls… the girls who do not want to grow old (just like their real famous song “不想长大”)… the famous trio female group, S.H.E. OSIM uKimono 代言人是分别代表着自信、勇气、温柔的HEBE, ELLA和SELINA~

她们总是那么活泼青春⋯⋯ 每一天每一夜都在长大,也日渐老成的我,
You can see them standing at the front of the OSIM store posing in their kung-fu like stance wearing the uKimono. The part that catches my attention is the glowing light that is coming out from their abs…nono, from the uKimono of course!

So, you are wondering what is with the kung-fu poses?
Well, it seems that these girls got some ass to kick off.
They are in the mission to beat down this uKimono Fatman!

and here he comes!!!

But our hero will save the day by beating him down. Watch Ella in action hehe!

So, do you feel like beating up the uKimono Fatman? Now you can test out your skill at the official OSIM website where the fun people at OSIM will like to let you try out your skills in beating the uKimono Fatman.

Like the famous trio, uKimono also comes in 3 different colours – Purple, Red and Orange (3种时尚色彩~)

The OSIM uKimono new massage belt helps to break down fatty tissue in the tummy, butt and thighs,
and tones the muscles to create a trimmer silhouette.

uKimono 的多重功能:

- 有效分解及燃烧顽固脂肪

- 促进血液循环与新陈代谢

- 紧实肌肉,塑造迷人线条

- 改善及淡化橘皮组织

- 舒缓肌肉紧绷与酸痛

- 帮助改善消化机能

Its four auto massage programmes are developed by Japanese Siatsu Massage experts,
who know what is best for your body. The massage motions help to tone Abdominal Muscles and flabby Thighs, sculpt a firmer Butt, and ease aches and pain from the Lower Back as well.
Ultimately, the massages will help you achieve a slimmer waistline and silhouette,
more shapely legs and promotes better digestion, too, for a healthier you.

由日本按摩专家所特制的4种自选按摩程式 - 腹部,臂部,大腿和腰部。

Combining OSIM’s signature Twin Power Osimotion and Double Kneading massage in the patent-pending Duo+ Technology, the exquisitely designed uKimono will effectively and easily keep you trim and healthy effortlessly. Not too sure what I’m saying? Look below:

双点振荡 -》独家Duo+ 塑身科技《- 对称揉捏

So, does it make you wonder how this massage machine has anything to do with fat reduction? As we all known it, massage is normally for reducing stress or tiredness. But do you know that a high level of stress will lowers your metabolic rate and causes your body to store more fat? Also, a good massage can improve muscle flexibility for more efficient burning of fat and enhance circulation to prevent the build-up of the fat cells. On top of that, the release of endorphins in our body during the massage eases stress to help boost our body’s ability to burn fat and at the mean time make you feel better too =)

… 喜欢按摩,因为不但能纾解压力,还能帮我赶走蛮肉!I always make use of a good massage ^^
* 研究发现当压力大时会降低新陈代谢率,导致身体容易堆积脂肪,造成肥胖问题 *

天天按摩可加速燃烧体内脂肪,也可预防脂肪在体内堆积~ 促进血液循环,提升新陈代谢~ 按摩后,体内还会释放内咖 Endorphins, 也就是快乐激素,它不但能让人感到欢愉和满足,而且还能减压!

However, for you to stay in the top form and stay trim and healthy, the best formulation will still be:

按摩 + 均衡饮食 + 运动 + 充足睡眠 = 健康体质与迷人身段

HEY YOU! Wanna get your hands on some cool stuffs??
There are TWO contests here specially for you! ^^

1) LisaYap.com contest:

So, for this Tiger year, I would also like to reward all the readers of mine to a special treat, yeah, another treat!!! I will be giving away 5 pcs of S.H.E. concert tickets to readers of LisaYap.com worth RM198 each (don’t say I’m stingy don’t give you all angpow… here’s a big one lah ^^).

这里一定有S.H.E. 的忠实粉丝吧?呵呵,有人要免费的演唱会入门票吗??

All you have to do is just answer these 3 questions:

1) The combination of __________ and _________ helps break down fatty tissue,
enabling the effective and efficient burning of fat.

2) The uKimono is perfect for those that are tired of following fancy diets, those that are inactive due to health reasons,
and for those that are looking for simple and effortless ways to burn fat around the tummy, thighs and butt.

3) Suggest how I can make best use of the uKimono given to better my everyday life .
(eg: massage/ release stress/ fitter etc… hehe be as creative as possible kay!)
- just write your 3 answers at the COMMENT down there and we’ll judge -
- 5 winners will be selected and each of you will receive 1 S.H.E concert ticket worth RM 198 from me!
(exclusively at www.LisaYap.com)


除此之外,OSIM 面子书那里也有很丰富的奖品哦~!!

2) Osim facebook contest:

Don’t think this is good enough? Well, lucky you! OSIM has got VIP S.H.E tickets
and a whole lot of exciting OSIM merchandise and cash vouchers to give away:

For your chance to win VIP tickets worth RM800 and RM600
(with these tickets, you’ll practically be standing in front of S.H.E!),
follow these simple steps:

1) Register as a facebook fan on the OSIM facebook page.

2) Send an inbox message to osimwebshop@osim.com.my with your full name, contact number and IC number, and facebook identity name, latest by 8pm, this Friday, 26 February 2010.

3) OSIM will be in touch with the first 30 participants to do so,
and invite them to come to our ‘OSIM Trim and Healthy Competition’ that will be held this
Sunday, 28 February 2010, at the LG Blue Concourse, Sunway Pyramid.

4) The invited participants will then go through three VERY EASY obstacles:
–> do twenty squats.
–> answer a question on uKimono or uKimono mini.
–> hula hoop for twenty times wearing the uKimono or uKimono mini.
*Participants will be judged on the FASTEST TIMES to complete all three obstacles.

What Will You Win???
(exclusively at OSIM Facebook)
1st place

- Two VIP S.H.E tickets worth RM 800 each AND an OSIM uKimono mini

2nd place
- Two VIP S.H.E tickets worth RM 600 each AND an OSIM uKimono mini

3rd place to 5th place
- Two S.H.E tickets worth RM 198 each AND a RM100 OSIM cash voucher.

6th place to 15th place
– RM50 OSIM cash voucher

Tell a friend or a family member for MORE CHANCES to win the VIP S.H.E tickets and merchandise,
so she can BRING YOU ALONG (or ME along =P) for the concert!

Contest is open to all Malaysian residents and those residing anywhere else (if you can take the next flight out to Malaysia, that is!). You have to be over 18 years of age to take part in this contest.

Now, this is a reason to cheer for =)


‘S.H.E is the One, Live in Kuala Lumpur’ Concert

- 6 March 2010, 8pm, National Stadium (Outdoor), Bukit Jalil -

153 comments to Sayonara… fats

  • Zoe Chan

    The winner where you announce ?
    I so nervous….

  • chieu sean

    1.Twin Power Osimotion & Double Kneading
    3.We can use it when we sleep.The time for sleep is occupy most of the time in our life. Besides that, we will feel relax and also free from any preassure at the moment to sleep. So, the use of osim ukimono feel increase the double effect for us and let us feel more comfortable.

  • Josh Tew

    1. Twin Power Osimotion & Double Kneading
    2. True
    3. 如果Osim是讓我與家人擁有健康生活的不二品牌,那麼uKimono就是在我健康生活裡,添加自信的第一產品。

  • Shanere

    Sweetie u look so pretty in these photos! Keep up the good work!!!

  • Samantha

    Thanks for all the posts you brought for us! U’re juz so fantastic!

  • Zen Lee

    1. Twin Power Osimotion & Double Kneading
    2. True
    3. 在不知不覺中,小肚腩和手臂的“拜拜肉”不見了。謝謝好朋友 Osim uKimono 和 uKimono Mini 的貼心陪伴,她們讓我悄悄地回復了自信。

  • Aki

    haha xD
    thx for saw maii effort..
    just now junjun told mii u r the1 hu read it~
    is it true?? xD

  • Zoe Chan

    what day u can announce??
    i scared cannt see it…
    pls tell me as fast as well…
    thank u…

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    • 哇,原来你是她们的忠实粉丝哦~~~~~ 雨中等八小时⋯⋯ 真难忘,那时多可爱啊⋯⋯ 现在的你,连可以赢取入门票的机会都不尝试了⋯⋯ 想念那时简单的自己吗?我倒是很怀念。

      你赞得我好开心哈哈,其实,只是觉得有些东西我不是超喜爱,收下后留着好浪费,有或没有,去与没去对我都差不多一样,那,给喜欢/重视它们的人总是更好嘛,反正自己时间也紧凑~ 这样大家都开心,这里也热闹些,一举多得咯~^^

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                * 陪着我成长的⋯⋯ 没有特别团体,而是有许多不同的歌曲文字⋯⋯ 但已经忙得越来越少听歌了⋯⋯ 有好歌时记得介绍我哦⋯⋯ 不要让我脱节得太远=P

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              惊吓是因为发觉自己太多东西还没做,工作家庭朋友宠物梦想被遗忘了,去年给自己下的新年愿望大都没实践,现在才从新策划⋯⋯ 迟了但好过忘了吧⋯⋯

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                  超有感觉⋯⋯ 下载了,每天都在听。


                  • XiAoYinG


                    • 好的,但是啊⋯⋯ 户口真的很空⋯⋯ 爸爸星期二生日,和妹妹计划带爸爸妈妈上最近的云顶玩几天,这几天他健康较好,能走走路~ 过后呢,我就破产了哈哈⋯⋯ 真的得想办法挣多点钱⋯⋯ 要不他老人家一进院我又得到处找朋友借钱了~


  • Aki

    this few days ii keep on refresh ur page neh~
    neck long liao~ XD

  • Aki

    thx lisa^^
    love u so much^^

  • Watanabe

    Thanks for the super sexy pics of u being massaged.
    Oh shit! Nd tissue to wipe my laptop, I’m “bleeding” again….;P

    Mind telling whether u r still available? Will u like to go out for a date?
    I could voluntarily massage u wherever and whenever u wan….

  • Eric B

    thanks lisa for the SHE concert ticket!!!!!!!! im so happy :)) thank you OSIM uKimono tooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dannyc

    the sunway event looks fun. seeing those guys shaking and hula hoop too. haha. should have really go there to check it out. can get to see u some more. darn i miss it

  • ken

    Hey super model ! :)

  • Watanabe

    U r a thief!
    U hv stolen my heart.
    Now u hv broken my heart as well.
    Anyway, hope the someone in ur heart will be with you in the end.
    Else, U know my heart will always be wt u

  • 胖了也不用我说啦,你身边的朋友们一定提醒你的。。

  • Watanabe

    It’s OK, Lisa.
    Well, after viewing all ur new photos, ur dangerous curves does it again.
    Ah…hooooo….. I’m becoming a werewolve.
    More….more plz…

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  • 谢谢筱颖,会记得 =)
    可以借耳朵哦⋯⋯ 发泄时想扭可以借吗⋯⋯?

  • XiAoYinG


  • 感动⋯⋯ 你啊,傻婆,那里有自愿被人扭的><

  • XiAoYinG


  • 哈哈真的傻傻的~~~

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