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March 2012

Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Eye Cream
i ❤ it bcuz:it's a combination of 3 types of Hyaluronic Acid with MORE moisture retention capacity to keep my eye area mosturised! This eye cream unlocks younger looking eyes with just one drop!

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February 2012

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick - purple shade
i ❤ it bcuz:it's most sensational ever! it has perfect coverage with the creamiest lip color texture ever! it's more than just a lipstick, it's very woman's must have! it's nourishing ingredients give our lips the creamiest and softest treatment with honey nectar(anti-oxidants & minerals), emollient waxes (protect lips against tightness & dryness) and vitamin E (protect lip's lipid layer & prevent moisture loss)!

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Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick - red shade
i ❤ it bcuz:it's unique formula and nourishing ingredients, it is truly a woman's best friend! It has pigment highlighting technology, a blend of ultra-shiny oils, creating a color effect so striking, multi-dimensional and shiny! no more dull color on lips, embrace a lip color that gives us the full coverage so intense and so brilliant!

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Give this to my colleague - Garnier Men Turbo Light Oil Control Cooling Foam!
i ❤ it bcuz:it has oil-trapping mud texture, lemon extract and mineral clay! This skincare developed specially for asian men, very cool!

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Give this to my colleague - Garnier Men Turbo Light Oil Control Moisturizer!
i ❤ it bcuz:it has 6 hours oil-absorbing action, anti-grease and skin brightening for men! my colleague loves this moisturizer!

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Dry and Chapped Lips? Use Mentholatum Deep Moist Lipbalm!
i ❤ it bcuz: it's an unique OVAL tube lipbalm, it fits my mouth corner well with just a single swipe! and it won't roll away when place on flat surface too! it's no.1 lipbalm brand in Japan!

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After applying my favourite L'Oreal Paris Hydrafresh Deep Boosting Essence!
i ❤ it bcuz: I have dry skin, living in a humid and hot country like Malaysia makes it even harder to me to keep my skin hydrated. Working event outdoor and my skin is constantly exposed to environmental harms like pollutions/ damaging UV rays, staying indoor in an air-cond room all the time also speed up my skin's dehydration process, after using this product, i feel my skin is not that tight and dry d! love this so much! it leaves skin 48hr hydration up to 5 skin layers deep!

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Using Garnier Pure 3in1 at home! it can be used as a cleanser, a scrub or a mask!!
i ❤ it bcuz: no more fussy skincare routine for a busy girl like me! Thanks to garnier, with three benefits in just one product, my routine is significantly simplified! Pure genius! Give me 3!!

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

January 2012

Putting on my makeup with OXY Face Powder
i ❤ it bcuz: it's one of the best face powder for oily and acne prone skin!!!

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On my vacation with Sunplay Superblock SPF130 PA++
i ❤ it bcuz: It's new advance solarex-3 technology for more powerful protection against the sun!!!

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No Worries!

Thanks for all the support and messages from all of you. Don’t worry, I’m safe and sound (just a lil tie-up with works). Well, lots of things happened and a lot of unexpected things turn-up, but really… it’s no worry.

I would like to share something interesting that Jeff @yong actually shared with me and I’m thankful for your sharing because it is really inspiring. Why inspiring and not motivational? Coz “Motivation gets you through the day, but Inspiration lasts a lifetime”. This is what he says and I’m with him all the way. Who is he? He is Nick Vujicic.

For those who  have heard who Nick is, I do not need much introduction but for those who have not heard of him, well he is an Australian born in 1982 with the rare Tetra-amelia disorder – missing of four limbs (no hand and leg)… but Nick has one small foot with two toes protruding from his left thigh, to which he says it looks like a chicken drumstick.

This makes my tears start rolling:

His disability does not prevent him to do what a normal person can. He can walk, swim, drive and even surf. He is able to take care of all his well-being irregardless of his condition.

By the age of 19 Nick started to fulfil his dream of being able to encourage other people and bring them hope, through motivational speaking and telling his story. “I found the purpose of my existence, and also the purpose of my circumstance… There’s a purpose for why you’re in the fire.” Nick wholeheartedly believes that there is a purpose in each of the struggles we encounter in our lives and that our attitude towards those struggles that can be the single most effective factor in overcoming them.

Now, Nick even own his own motivational speaking company; Attitude Is Altitude. Since his first motivational speaking engagement back when he was 19, Nick has traveled around the world, sharing his story with millions of people, speaking to a range of different groups such as students, teachers, youth, business men and women, entrepreneurs, and church congregations of all sizes. He has also told his story and been interviewed on various televised programs worldwide. However, Nick’s speaking engagements have gone beyond purely motivational speaking, he has had the opportunity to speak with several leaders, including the vice president of Kenya. This year alone Nick is set to speak in over 20 countries.

His talk is really inspirational. You can see how he puts in his life experience into his talk. Sharing with others jokes using his own condition and always smiling.

Watching his humorous approach, brings both smile and tears to me… It’s so inspirational.



part 3.

His new DVD – NO LEGS, NO ARMS, NO WORRIES!, also inspire me a lot. It’s really No Worries at all in life. We should really celebrate our life right.

Thanks so much to Nick and Jeff @yong for sharing… =)

* If u know more of this inspirational people or stories, or your own self-inspired phrase(s), please share here with all of us and get everyone inspired ^^

149 comments to No Worries!

  • el

    when i want to leave u a msg,then i saw this new post.



    • Dear,

      迷失的人,可以选择继续找寻回家的路,或者沿着路途找寻另一个家,甚至可以停下来入乡随俗。人生的交叉路很多,找不到方向,找不到感觉,不知道前方等待自己的是什么,那种迷茫的滋味我也尝过,但,再涟漪的湖水,终会有平静的一刻,迷失的人终会有迷失的一天,那天,就是遇见自我的一天 ;)


      一切顺其自然, 未来永远都是未知的,今天的我笑着觉得一切良好不代表将来一定美好,今天的我哭着也不代表会永远如此,活在当下,多年后回顾,我们都会恍然当年的迷失自我,只不过是人生的一个小小涟漪。今天的我们都是由每一个昨天累积而来的,将来会是怎样,也是由今天,每一分一秒,积累而得。

      * 温暖,一直都在,到处都有。

  • dannyc

    so touching :”( it is so interesting to know so many inspirational figures in this world. life is so special and we are all gifted. there’s no limitation as to what we can do. there’s another japanese guy who is also very gifted, also without hand and leg, Hirotada Ototake – a writer. all this people try to share their value with us and we should all learn to appreciate our life more. you are so right. there should be NO WORRIES! let’s shine together lisayap. will always stand by you. gambatte!!!

    • yeah.. really touching. i read about Hirotada Ototake when i was seraching info about Nick too, another inspirational figure, they earn all my respect. Thanks for standing by me and making me smile always :) i will standby u n shine together with u, u too gambateh.

  • The DiabLo

    思绪 朝向了大海汹涌的澎湃,
    思维 沉下寂寞的深海。
    但愿 你仍记得,


  • The DiabLo



    • 哈哈看了自己这篇 “no worries” 老半天,以为你误解了某张照片中有我,才恍然你指的是header吧, 谢啦,是我在台上时,某位摄影师拍的,然后email给我,我也很喜欢这张照片,毕竟他真的把我拍得比真人好看太太太太太多了~ ^^

  • peter

    glad to see u back lisa. its been quite sumtime but anyhow its good that u came back with inspiring article. hope this will motivate and inspire everyone here reading ur blog as it does to u n me. keep up the good work.

  • Jeff @yong

    呵。。呵。。很多朋友都说晓彤很美,晓彤也很谦虚的说是摄影师的功力好。在我看来晓彤最美的就是你内在的那颗善良的心。。。。。。认识晓彤的朋友都会被你那颗善良的心所感动的,能与你在虚拟的网上交流是一种缘分,虚拟的网上却流传着真实的情感。。。。共勉之 JEFF

    • haha 等了你的留言好久,毕竟他的故事是你让我认识并与我分享的~ 谢谢你。对呀,刚开始写叶落阁时从来不知道有天这里也会有如此多的真实情感,很开心认识了你们。

  • 看到了,也深深的感动着…





    • Jeff @yong

      筱颖,你说的很好哦! 赞!!!

      “只有放弃者,没有失败者” 共勉之 JEFF

    • 筱颖真的说得很好,对呀,我们真的都行……想想,一个没有四肢,只有一个小小小脚的人,不只能够奇迹般的站起来,甚至可以自己应付起居饮食,还可以做许多我都还未掌握的运动,积极的过着每一个今天,开导与感化那么多的人,我,真的很佩服他,他背后的艰辛,愤怒与泪水,我想了些许,心就绞痛不已了……许多我们轻而易举办到的琐碎事,他,是用了多少的努力与勇气……?我真的,一定要让自己更有信心+更行~ 一起奋斗^^

  • Oh ya,
    want ask, do ET Hub need interns from Bachelor of Management?
    Help my friend ask de:)
    She will be starting her interns on June 2009^^

    • of cuz, and it would b great to hav more ppl join us^^ ask ur fren to email me her resume okay? lisayap@et-hub.com

      • I let my friend know d,
        Thanks for the information ya^^
        Too bad I can only interns in audit firm;
        if not I also want to join ET Hub>.<

        • hehehe u intern finish already? what u major actually? ^^ i also love to hav u here~ u r sportin n outgoin enough~ hehe u know any FIT students wanna intern? or can help me foward msg to them? we wanna hire IT lehh… ;)

          • Haha~I haven start my interns,
            will start it on coming November^^

            I am Accounting student yo, is it means that I am not qualified for ET Hub?
            hehe~Actually I am quite interested in doing event nia,
            u can find me if u need any part timer de:P

            Ok, I will help u to spread the news to FIT student:)

            • hehe of cuz u are qualify for us lah! every company oso need do account one mah. hehe u interested do events? yeah, i lov my job, always challengin n meetin difren ppl, kinda fun~ hehe when u wil b havin hols? thanks ya, for helpin me spread news!

              • haha,still not qualified yt, haven grad:P

                Ya, I am so interested in doing events, especially after joining DJ Club and participanted in organizing events~Its so fun~hehe~

                My holiday will b starting on the 1st day on June, hoho~
                actually for students life, everyday is holiday besides exam weeks,hoho~

                • hehe icic, yeah, very fun and also tiring at times, but i stil lov my job muc more than other field :P haha true, miss students life~ wher u stayin actually? ur hometown is KL?

                  • Student life is not funny when it’s come to exam week:P
                    Luckily I still left with last subject of this semester,hehe~
                    hehe~I am staying cyberjaya now~=P
                    actually my hometown is at JB,
                    but since my grandparents are staying in KL and I was born here,
                    I am considered as half KL ppl lo:P
                    Btw, my grandparents are staying Ampang too,
                    it is a nice place to stay:P

  • mcfoo

    Hi Lisa,

    Here’s another story of John Foppe, hope it inspires you & get you forward.

    when you’re sick, when you’re down or when you feel like giving up,
    remember this,
    you’re not alone,
    you have our prayers & our loves.

    the word to remember:
    – Tough Love -

  • yin

    lisa sapo…. Dont worry be happy ya… hehehhe …. jimui always be with u… :D

  • Just passing by and leaving you footprints so you can trace me back
    .Come to mine again and again. Thanks , want x link ?? http://blogtutorial.net/links-exchange/

  • Oh ya Lisa,

    I linked ur post in my “最近。生命勇士” post of http://xiaoying617.blogspot.com/

    I hope more ppl can motivated from “No worries” post,
    hope u wont mind ya:)
    Let me know if u wouldn’t want me to do so ya:)

    Have a nice sleep:)

  • Ken

    Hi Lisa, hmmm i guess you have forgotten me. Butz..it’s ok. :). anyway, all clips above are very nice. this means you never disappoint me. you have a kind soul to help people, including the poor or disability. keep it up!!! i will fully support you in everything for charity stuff.

    • hey Ken, of cause i remember u ;) thanks for ur kind supports towards charity stuff. i will email u after i plan finish for the nez charity thing that we wil b doing ya~ thanks again!

  • Ken

    Alright. you must be busy. just take your time.

  • Guest K

    hv u ever heard of this? USAVICH
    go youtube search it and hv a look, very funny short animation! :)

  • yea that guy is really awesome,he doesnt let his “abnormal condition” prevent him from enjoying his life:)

  • See lar go asiacafe also tak ajakk :P

  • The DiabLo


    • 最近还好~工作上倒是还好且蛮轻松,但是依然每个星期都要回医院,不知道要久 =( 知道了,我的医生真的很好,每每一迟到数时或数日,都会让他非常担心,他是个非常非常非常好的医生,会不断提醒我该回院复诊了,我想偶尔不去都不行,想数日不吃药更不行,都不知道该开心或伤心好 :P 不过真的很庆幸遇到如此仁医 ^^

      • The DiabLo


        • 对呀,医生/医师真的很好,我昨天又迟了,还好没挨骂,他说再生气也始终舍不得骂,哈哈这就是做女生的好处吧~ 别担心,真的想偷懒也不行~ 谢谢你的祝福,一样多休息多喝水 ^^
          *** 我开始享受去医院了,医生/医师们都对我非常好,可以肯定的是,他们都很关心与疼爱我,感觉真的很幸福,我想,其实我是乐观派的。

          • The DiabLo


            • 你……究竟从事那一行,很好奇,感觉很有意义也很新鲜,但如果不方便告知也就罢了~ 我绝对明白的~ ^^ 可以真的感觉到你工作上还蛮奔波劳累的,一有机会就要多休息哦~ ;)

            • 哦。我猜到了,你是神父吗~^^ 如果错了,不要笑我~

              • The DiabLo


  • i’ve seen him once.. he’s amazing…

  • Jeff @yong


  • 我们不只要活在当下,而且要“活好当下”!

  • Hi, outgoing posts there :-) thank’s exchange for the intriguing advice

  • Guest K

    lisa, here are the character’s profile for the usavich season 1 n 2,
    to gv u a better understanding on the character setting :)

  • Kay

    heyyy lisa :)

    how’re u? couldn’t find your chatbox that’s why dropped by here to comment. hehe. hope all’s fine for u yea :) take careee


    • hey kay, i hav been fine, how are u? yeah i removed it already, to hav better control in my blog ^^ too many weird ppl left weird words~ u take care too ya ^^ i will send u an email now, check it when free k ;)

  • Haha,yeap~
    I am the one who always hanging out at Ampang there~

    I guess I also know where is the location that the monkey picture u put on ur website~hehe~
    Used to be there so often when I were a kid:P

    Ehh,so u are staying near the monkey mountain yo?
    haha~If that is the case than it is super near my grandparents house,hehe~

    • eeee… always hang around here oso never find me =( hehe u know where is dat? yeah i stay near to the monkey mountain, really alot monkey… but now the x place stay d… more n more trees being chopped off… so cham…

  • hey tong tong ~~~i called u many times ler ~~ din pick up ger ?
    email me also la ~

    • arlo, i know ah hehe, sorry oh, i too bz d, now time very not enuf for me, owiz need go c doctor and work and accom family, sorry sorry kay? i email u too? is for charity stuff oh… u keen only i email la ^^

  • Jeff @yong


  • citta

    thx lisa for these meaningful and touching sharings… especially i have been facing difficulties recently. This is the most beautiful lisa i ever seen>>> the warm-hearted lisa :) Keep it up!!!

  • Haha~I hang around here since 15 years ago le~that time still haven’t know u ma:P Somemore u also never give a location to find=P

    I also realised that the environment changes there. My mum told me that last time the place was more greenly.Nowadays, there is too many development d~

    Anyway the monkey there is very cute + funny~I like to go there also~hehe~

    • 15 years ago @.@ haha that time i haven stay here yet~ then are u still come here often? yeah, muc more green. nez time, we go c the monkey and feed them together ^^ they very shy one~

      • Haha~ya~15 years ago,when I were still a small little girl:P

        Hmm,Usually I will be at Ampang every weekend if I am not busy with my things^^

        Yeah, next time we go c and feed the shy shy monkey together~
        Let me know when u r goin lo=P

        • wahh so every weekend we are actually very very near lor ^^ okies! nez time we go together~ promise kay? i still go very often, but more on weekday oh~

          • Yeah~sure no problem^^
            Is a good things to see and feed those innocent and cute monkey after a tiring working day, isn’t it?
            Bac to natural^^
            Btw, I am having 2 weeks semester break now,happy^^

            • ya i love nature alot~ when ur hols starting? so u gonna stay at ampang for 2 weeks? ^^

              • my holiday started since this monday,
                still left one week more only:(

                Hmm, no at Ampang but at Johor now,
                cz my parent is staying here^^

                Johor had a super hot weather this few days=(

                • icic hehe KL also very hot ahhh~ u remember drink more water kay~ enjoy ur holiday oh, what u plan to do to spend diz one more week? ^^

                  • haha~yeap..
                    u too have to drink lots lots of water^^

                    Not much plan actually,
                    let the brain rest and enjoy a exam free + assignment free holiday~
                    somemore meet some old frens,accompany family,and also attended quite a number of 21st birthday party, hehe~

                    u still very busy with the works?

                    • ehh i saw ur email add!! ur bday june 17? 21st bday too?
                      hehe ya lor, diz yr studio star search u wanna come? ^^ if wan can get the invitation cards from me ya~ but is this friday oh, x sure if u come bac d anot lor~

  • The DiabLo


    • >..< 医生也是那么说, 所以不舍得骂,哈哈我的医生可是很风趣呢~
      谢谢你,我会努力彩绘天空的 ^^

  • How are u recently? Worry about u la…
    cannot hear any news about u…seldom update ur blog.
    still busy working mah?
    Stop stop stop!!!stop all the work and go to relax.
    remember take care urself…

    • arlo, i’m fine ah, not really busy working~ but busy for many other stuff lor, sorry ah, hehe i lov my blog very muc one, whenever free i will surely update~~~~ ^^ u also take care urself kay? and relax more too :P

  • citta

    tat’s wat i told u to make use of ur power of influence…remember? :) (even though it’s seems like “scold” u in the last last comment)Recently i read a book “念转运转”. The author is a motivator/speaker, saying tat when we change our mind or the way we think about something(think positively), it can change the result, it can change our life. But of course we hv to work on this it…

    Anyway, may i lead to a positive,happy and meaningful life :) Jia You and 端午节快乐:)

    • hehe it’s okay ;) u didnt scold me lah, just that u dont understand me thats why, and i appreciate what u left here, it shows that u r really a kind guy who is willin to help those in need ^^ may u lead to a life that u want too, happy always~

  • citta

    haha..wrote wrongly..May u lead to u positive ,happy and meaningful life

  • dd

    something abt numelogy,using ur dob,i can know ur personality.

    Your Birth Number :9
    9’s are natural entertainers. They are very caring and generous, giving away their last dollar to help. With their charm they have no problem making friends and nobody is a stranger to them. They have so many different personalities that people around them have a hard time understanding them. They are like chameleons, ever changing and blending in. They have tremendous luck, but also can suffer from extremes in fortune and mood. To be successful they need to build a loving foundation.

  • Hey, Lisa i will b back in September i hope to c a healthy and happy you :D please take care of yourself and know i always keep track of you by reading your blog


    • miss u alot ahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehe i will take good care and healthy healthy see u one ^^ and jimui too~ thanks yolande, u muz take good care of urself over there ya, and always remember us, don forget me~ come bac time remember scold me wor :P miss u scoldin me haha

  • so many ppls leave msg here…
    one week din visit here..
    just started my work…
    stay late everyday…
    no time on9..
    happy to see u r great recently…

  • dd

    apa khabar ye,jj?
    dah lama x dengar berita u.
    sihat tak? hehe^^
    aku rindu sgt padamu ni….

  • citta


  • citta

    These touching video clips have been touched my heart again and again!!! Thx Lisa…really like u lah!!!

  • citta

    Share this with u all>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gnn3TPzpgJg&feature=channel

    MUST SEE IT!!!View all the related videos as well…!!!

  • mcfoo

    不要碰Ah Fu太多,狗儿很多细毛对哮喘病不好。

    • 知道了,我也有征求医生的意见,猫儿和细毛狗我绝对不能碰,但他说松狮狗其实还好,因为毛发长,但我还是减少了每日抱它的次数,谢谢你的关心 ^^

  • ashley

    hey lisa..
    ashley here..
    glad to see that you’re ok now..
    take care=)

  • ken

    hi lisa, you got it? anything just let me know. thx

    • yeah i got it, thanks alot ken ^^ i notice that u r located at east malaysia right? kinda far away but its okay, currently we are working on producing a charity diary, still in the midst of planning, i will see how i can involve u in~ thanks alot ya!

      • ken

        that’s the problem i’m from east haha. anyway if your team members have nothing to do in east, hmm just forget about it. at least i tried. but if they do, that would be great. By the way, currently how many members in Malaysia ?

        • ya.. currently we never do anything at east yet. but we can involve u in some planning stage etc for our charity events here ^^ we are not a large team… currently have about 10 plus members, so can only focus in certain places and alot of limitation too, although not a big team yet, but we are very close and together we share the same thought to spread our spirit further, hoping to help more in need ^^ really glad to have u becoming part of us!

          • ken

            i see… although it’s a small group, hopefully your team and me will successfully make it possible to be nationwide. And although it’s just the few people in team, but, this is just a beginning. It will be larger than this, one day. if that’s a case, i believe my dream will come true soon; and i’m ready to involve. thanks for your offer few months ago.

  • 很久沒有來訪,沒想到出了這樣的事。


  • Haha,yaya,is June 17,
    turning 21st this year le=P

    Studio star search ya?
    Too bad I haven’t back=(
    If got sure can go de,aiks..

    Time flies ya,
    it’s almost 2 years since my participation in L’oreal Cash your dream d~^^

    • 3 more days is ur big day d lor ^^ goin wher cele? ya lor, i remember clearly on how cute, brave and special u r on the stage, 2 years… so fas…

      • Hehe~yalor~
        still dunno where to go yet, let my friends to decide it ba=P

        Time really flies,
        which sometime I will think that how good will it be,if the time can pass slower..
        there is too many things to learn when ppl grew elder~:)

        • hehe ya, i also hope i have more times… to do more things at this age~ life is really short, i look into my parents’ sleepin faces every nite, they are getting older n older every second… feel so pain and afraid of losing them… u jia you in ur life, grow up d and gonna step into real workin world soon lor~ ^^

  • Yeah~
    Let’s work hard together to make the life wonderful~
    so that after 20 years, when u look bac ur life,
    there is nothing to regret^^

  • Amazing! it was sent to me by a friend last couple of months. Yeaaa very touching.
    Everything is possible as long we believe it can be done.

    Good motivation Yap

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