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March 2012

Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Eye Cream
i ❤ it bcuz:it's a combination of 3 types of Hyaluronic Acid with MORE moisture retention capacity to keep my eye area mosturised! This eye cream unlocks younger looking eyes with just one drop!

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February 2012

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick - purple shade
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Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick - red shade
i ❤ it bcuz:it's unique formula and nourishing ingredients, it is truly a woman's best friend! It has pigment highlighting technology, a blend of ultra-shiny oils, creating a color effect so striking, multi-dimensional and shiny! no more dull color on lips, embrace a lip color that gives us the full coverage so intense and so brilliant!

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Give this to my colleague - Garnier Men Turbo Light Oil Control Cooling Foam!
i ❤ it bcuz:it has oil-trapping mud texture, lemon extract and mineral clay! This skincare developed specially for asian men, very cool!

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Give this to my colleague - Garnier Men Turbo Light Oil Control Moisturizer!
i ❤ it bcuz:it has 6 hours oil-absorbing action, anti-grease and skin brightening for men! my colleague loves this moisturizer!

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Dry and Chapped Lips? Use Mentholatum Deep Moist Lipbalm!
i ❤ it bcuz: it's an unique OVAL tube lipbalm, it fits my mouth corner well with just a single swipe! and it won't roll away when place on flat surface too! it's no.1 lipbalm brand in Japan!

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After applying my favourite L'Oreal Paris Hydrafresh Deep Boosting Essence!
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Using Garnier Pure 3in1 at home! it can be used as a cleanser, a scrub or a mask!!
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January 2012

Putting on my makeup with OXY Face Powder
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Today, I wanna share my FantaSea at Phuket!

Really SORRY as i took down this post earlier… was away from town and no time to type it… i thought not many notice it :P so touching when many of u asked me why its gone~ hehe, finally… just finish typing and here u go, my long post about Phuket Fantasea ^^

前些日子刚从泰国普吉岛回来~ 每每出国公干,我总会带着些许期盼、兴奋与紧张,即使再忙,时间也是由人安排,所以我一定忙里偷闲,争取时间到处走走~

Phuket Fantasea – The ultimate cultural theme park is a park which won Best Attraction Thailand Tourism Awards by showcasing the charm and beauty of Thailand and also enriches ancient Thai traditions with the wonder of cutting edge technology and special effects~

早听说普吉岛是泰国南部世外桃源与最大海岛~ 普及还有个值得一去的地方, 幻多奇主题公园,目前普吉岛最受欢迎的旅游点。也是我唯一看的一场演出~

它占地广阔, 内设有一个充满各类玩偶店与摊子的嘉年华村,小吃摊、容纳四千人的宫廷式自助餐厅,还有非常漂亮的大剧场 – 有着泰国风情、民间传说和大象表演一起上演的舞台 :D

The ultimate cultural theme park is divided into these 7 sections, let me guide u through a VERY short tour 1st ^^

由于照片实在太多,先来个幻多奇乐园概述吧 :)

1. Golden Elephant Cavern
是装潢美轮美奂的堂皇售票处,供应中,英,日,韩,泰,德,等不同语言的简介~ 天花板的装饰很美丽 ^^
hehe it’s actually where u can get the tickets~

2. Magic Mountain

入口处非常显眼的一座山,晚上更耀眼~ 鱼池后有着幻多奇的大型招牌,吸引多人拍照!

where we get to watch the cultural parades; street shows, traditional carnivals & live music, handicraft demonstrations and elephant rides ;)

3. Carnival Village 嘉年华村
~ 愉快的购物心情,喜欢那里的高品质纪念品,传统技艺,与游行庆典队伍!
a shopping paradise and tribal craft bazaar~
Village operating hours: 17:30 – 23:30

4. Hanuman’s Lair 哈努满崆峒游戏室
full of games, plays and exciting surprises ^^ 有两个范围, 拥有多项老少咸宜的游戏设施, 欢笑声不绝 :)
a. Similan Entertainment Center – 由海底生物为主题,并构成了美丽的海底游乐场所。但与我拍照的是什么海洋物我可不清楚:P one of a kind undersea arcade and shopping attraction, a lot of exciting new games inside ^^

b. Tiger Jungle Adventure – 以原始森林、奇花异草和众多白色珍禽野兽为主题的王国~
a theatrical safari with an original concept of taking us on a journey through 12 exotic and mythical scenes~

5. Viva Bangkok
Kamala Pier Restaurant & Beer Garden 饮食地带that offer delicious food, good cheer and soothing music.

6. The Golden Kinnaree 金娜里皇家雅宴自助餐厅

4000 seats buffet restaurant which offer Thai and international cuisine.
Buffet Dinnertime: 18:00 p.m. – 21:00 p.m.

7. The Palace of the Elephants 象王宫殿

Theater – Fantasy of a Kingdom 梦幻王国Show ^^ with state-of-the-art technology and special effects enhance the beauty of Thailand’s myths, mysteries and magic~
Gate Opens: 20:30 p.m.

Show Starts: 21:00 p.m.

finish the intro of all the 7 sections, so end of short tour ^^ 如果没耐心看完整篇,你可以停止阅读,那,待你去那里时,会有更多惊喜~ 我想,留多些想象空间给自己, 有期待会更加快乐吧。

well… actually i have 300++ pics at Phuket Fantasea @_@ spent quite some time to select… i love them all… but still, too much, so i gonna post up only 1/3 of the pics here, err… 100 pics… :P if u feel dat it’s too much, just click away, and read my next post kay~ thanks thanks.

离开前,u should read Lisa Yap’s 小贴上 tips first :
i didnt really make up or dress up when go there, so regret, as the place is really too beautiful, if u happen to go there, u know what to do, cuz u will surely take many pics there, just like me~ hehe
记得打扮得漂漂亮亮地去哦,或许你也会和我一样疯狂拍照,毕竟数码存储没有胶卷负担 :D 进场后有许多拍照机会,无论是和人还是动物,都会让你我忍不住想合影留念 :p

我结果可是有300多张照片在同一个地方 @_@

难以捉摸  (女人)
难以置信  (伤心吗)
难以自拔  (拍个不停)
难以取舍  (照片太多了啦)

难以忘怀  (幻多奇主题公园) 难以为继  (… 词穷, 哈哈,太无聊了,简单来说,难! 因浪费好多时间来选这批照片 >_<)

hehe okay, those are my fav pics and do share with me urs if u went there before or next time~ tata.

Now that u are still reading, i shall share with u more :D 被闷着的话,我先说声对不起啦~ ^^

What do i love most whenever i go a new place?  those beautiful smiles of different people :) now i wanna share with u the smiles from Phuket Fantasea.
这里有许多身着传统服饰且拥有迷人笑容的她 :)
a photo with a pretty Thai lady at the entrance ^^ she has such beautiful smile :)


and to the girl who hands me my ticket, she smiles happily too :)

yeah, i nearly forgot that i’m at Land of Smiles :) :) :) to all of u, smile with me!

and to u, u know who u r..
for u, i smile… for u, i will.

yeah, a sincere smile :)


in front of Similan Entertainment Center, thanks for lettin me stand under ur umbrella ^^


she’s so sweeeeet and cuttteeee!!!! a lovely smile of hers :)

他真的很可爱!!! 一直对我穷追~

lastly, a BIG smile :D :D :D


and him, a really funny guy!! thanks for sharing with me which role u are playing in the play! :)

another him, thanks for grabbin me to take few pics together hehe~

A lot of u have been telling me that i look like chindian… 我的远房亲友~
right after i took this picture, i took few pics with some special people too :)

my boyfriend.

he’s so cool right :D

my long distance relatives.

look how happy they are when see me! ^^ 看见我时,他们都笑得很灿烂~

my children.

我女儿送给我的气球~ 说是女儿是否太离谱了:P hehe kidding lah! all of them are just some of the random people/ visitors who came to me and asked if it’s okay to take photos with me~ perhaps they thought i’m one of the staff there haha. single guys just wanna make friends i can understand, married couples i will feel surprise and very happy, kids then i will feel really happy d, furthermore the kids are offering to give me the balloons for free! :D  hmm, really happy because by just saying sure to them, i can feel their happiness from the smiles… :) 但我也让另一群和我拍照的印度朋友们失望了,他们误以为我是他们国家的某某艺人,拍照后还要签名,听得我傻傻,难怪整晚那么多他们国家的人兴致勃勃的要和我合影,还有小礼物,并笑得那么开心>_< 我真的那么像印度人吗,竟连他们也误会了~ 但是开心认识了新朋友 :)

Phuket Fantasea

Phuket Fantasea is created at a cost of over 3,500 million Baht (350 million Ringgit Malaysia), which adds a whole new dimension to theme park entertainment with marvelous attraction ^^

入门前,首先会看到的是造景别致的水池,除了拥有造型特殊,姿态各异的塑像外,还有七彩的灯光闪耀其中,当然,还有数只大象穿梭在人群中,扮演着迎宾大使的角色 ^^

the monkey at the entrance… i think it’s a monkey…

haha okay enough of craps, lets start with Tiger Kingdom! ^^

Located at Tiger Jungle Adventure, i was so excited when i know there’s a tiger kingdom!! 你喜欢老虎吗,它们可是我钟爱的动物~ i really love tiger loads, lion also, crocodile also… okay i love animals :D

such grand entrance~ cant wait to see my tiger.

Sanctuary of LOVE starring Royal Peacocks of Thailand
first thing i saw!! i was so stupid to think that it’s real @@ trust me, it’s moving and making noises hehe. 这只巨白孔雀是有被安装声音且会挥翅的,好逼真~

它周围有数只珍贵的白孔雀,在如此纯白的幻境,真的美得不真实~ 尤其开屏那刻,我终于明白为什么它们象征-爱-。

why is white peacock starring here? as it spreads the love the message far and wide across the kindom and beyond ^^


the white angel inside Sanctuary of Love ^^


Falls of Goodness starring Pelicans of Thailand.. a very harmony setting as Fall Of Goodness is the bridge between heaven and earth~:)

Enchanted Twilight starring White Deer of Thailand
其中一只白鹿一直跟着我,超可爱~ 白色的鹿非常高雅,我一直在想,为什么圣诞老人不用它们呢? 难道真的太稀少了吗? hmmm.

yes it’s a white deer, there are few inside, and they are really cute, gentle and friendly!!! look at it’s little smile ^^

LOOK UP! there’s a signage askin me to do so and so surprise to see this giant snake above me@@
Yeah i’m at Treasure Chamber of Nakara, starring Pythons of Thailand.

Nakara, faithful guardian of wealth, fiercely protects all that is placed in her care.


everything is so white… and so dreamy… i so regret i didnt wear a white dress~


at Makareepol starring Cockatoos from Australia.


so many white cockatoos, and all of them sitting beautifully on white trees… the mythical Makareepol tree, which can only be found in Nimmanaradee, one of the 6 levels of heaven, a tree in a legend…


i love the white cockatoos so much!!!! can i take 1, err 2 home pls?

那里还有许多白色动物~ 但当时过度兴奋的我忘了拍照,只顾着哇哇哇||=_=
there are some other white creatures that i didnt take photos with and have to link pics from other sources, so regret now… such as:

Spring of Youth starring Pradise Frogs from South America !! 白青蛙,damn i never know white frogs exist!!!

Shrine of the Third Eye starring
Lemurs from Madagascar… 白狐猴, very cute right?

Field of Bounty starring
White Crows from Myammar… 白乌鸦,white crows look really elegant.

Affectionary Factory starring White Mice of Thailand
… 白老鼠,haha it’s very cute, there’s a mini factory and many mices staying inside, so busy running working around the factory, WHY I FORGOT TO TAKE PIC!!!!

Cave of Time starring bats of Thailand…bats through layers of time inside Cave of Time… 白蝙蝠well, again, i never know white bats exist. see this pic, baby white bats have piggy nose, so so so cute!

Sea of Gold starring
Golden Fish from China… 白金鱼luckily i know it exists :P

全是罕有的白色珍禽异兽, 懊悔没有拍下它们,不打紧,至少亲眼目睹过^^

well, wonder why i never take those pics??!! all because the tiger…
i was so busy searching for my tiger!! where is it where is it?? @_@ walk so long in this Tiger Kingdom until so tired yet… i saw many white animals… but where is the key attraction??

什么老虎王国,走了那么久仍没踪影,我还甚至在楼梯歇息 ><

finally… this way… magical adventure into an ancient exotic realm of tiger~


haha, excited lah, and scary also, not sure if it’s inside a cage or wat… as some of the animals above are not locked~



and yes… finally i found him. the tiger. haha thanks for doing the same pose like me :D

果然奇怪的虎类@_@ 但蛮友善亲人的。

当他告知我他就是那只我苦苦寻觅的老虎时,我真的相信了,还以为这是这里独特作弄旅客的玩笑~ :| ok lah, the tiger is right behind him!!

but sleeping >_<


当发觉是稀有的白老虎时,我简直失态了。说真的,我没注意到入口处的白老虎布条, 可能不够睡的是我不是它~ 再次糊涂的被同行者嘲笑:(

oh wait, it’s up!!! and WHITE tiger???? now i know why everything is so white!!!

come come baby… it makes me miss my tiger, ah fu so much :(


it has a grand palace to stay in… Tiger Kingdom starring Royal White Tiger

but still, it’s very manja, keep coming close to me, watchin me etc :”>


as MANJA as ah fu ^^

对我来说,这里倒不像白老虎王国,更像是是白色野生王国~ ^^ 毕竟老虎只有一只嘛,虽然是珍贵的白种~ :P

out of Tiger Kingdom… hehe i love this pic ;) moving on with Carnival Village.

进入公园后,迎面而来的,便是充满泰国欢乐气息的嘉年华村, 泰国人可是把它当作当地迪士尼乐园哦~ shoping street with assortment of choices ^^

Carnival Village at noon… 嘉年华村的中央部位,设置了一座露天舞台…

Carnival Village at night… 每晚都会有两场精采的劲歌热舞演出 ^^

嘉年华村每一家特产纪念品店都呈现强烈的泰式神话与风格. 这里贩售的东西标榜纯泰式文化制品, 除了丝绸, 皮革, 手工艺品与陶制品之外,以大象为主的各式各样手工纪念艺品, 更是随处可见.

Carnival village is a street with carnivals, games, handicrafts and shopping!!


also a wonderful introduction to the theme park, where the accent is on fun and entertainment~

除了各类艺品商店及小馆,现场表演著名泰式手工艺品的师傅们,更一次又一次的展现令人叹为观止的独门绝技 :D 最让我心动的就是这里琳琅满目且具有泰国特色的手工艺品~

An unique shopping experience too where we can buy high quality locally made products from 15 different shops offering silk, leather, handicrafts, ceramics, jewelry, souvenirs, unusual items about elephants and Siamese twins, etc etc~~~~

这只是一家珠宝店的门口喔! 就装饰的如此华丽炫目, 外面柱子上的水晶球上镶了很多小镜子, 一片片的反射, 营造了光彩夺目的视觉感受 ^^

hehe my fav beside those art stalls, of cuz is this white jewelery shop ^^

as white is my 2nd fav colour beside purple :P

A stroll through the enchanted Carnival Village is like a journey through Thailand’s architectural history :)


There are also many public phones around…


don ask me why i like to take pic so muc… even with it, i dono too :|

双胞胎魔术师是晚上演出中重要的角色~ 我也想学魔术,或扮小丑,会开心吧。

i love to go to places where no one knows me…


then i can do all the stupid things~


and run away happily… :P

was so hungry after all those pics taken… so it’s time for my grand dinner!! :D

在这里可以享受泰国名厨精心准备的泰式与各国佳肴!!! MY FAV~ foods :P
the entrance of Golden Kinnaree Buffet Restaurant :D 建在水上的水上宫殿装饰得金碧辉煌,可不像餐厅~ah

一个可以容纳4000人用餐的金娜里皇家雅宴自助餐厅 ^^


the mythical Kinnarees behind the table, the half-bird and half-woman of legendary beauty and graciousness, look after the guests like proverbial kings :P

once stepped inside, wow, it’s huge, and so happy as being welcome by all the staffs there! ^^

one of the Kinnaree and me~

神话中的鸟神金娜里陪同我们享用泰国名厨精心准备的泰式料理与各国佳肴! :)

my seat number.

为了可以容纳四千人,所以四周围都是餐台,  没错是很热闹,但我觉得与传单上所谓的”帝王般尊容晚宴”非常差异… 或许是因为我个人偏好清静吧~
where i sat…

amongst the 4000 seats.

visitors can indulge in a sumptuous feast of Royal Thai dishes and delicacies from popular international cuisine, prepared by some of Thailand’s finest chefs :D


i ate lots Thai cuisine for past few days before Phuket Fantasea… although these are the Royal Thai dishes, i still prefer the international cuisines… somehow i think those Thai foods at beach/ street is more delicious than here… dono why~ haha

one of the men who smiled to me and took my pic~ haha i took his too :P

最喜欢的蛋糕和甜点~ 还有泰国糖水^^

cakes!!! my fav!!! haha and Thai dessert~

now u know why i gained so much weight @.@

水上宫殿- 金娜里皇家雅宴自助餐厅- 夜晚外观~

a beautiful dinner and proceed to a beautiful show then ^^

PALACE OF THE ELEPHANTS THEATER 象王宫殿at the heart of Phuket Fantasea~

The magnificent Palace of the Elephants is a state-of-the-art theater fronted by a reconstruction of a Sukhothai-era stone palace with intriguing elephant statues~


a theater that seats 3000 guests…


with 999 intriguing elephant statues~ WOW.

along the way into the theater, there are many fantastic props/animals/ people for us to take photo with, but those pics have to purchase from them, quite costly and i didnt take any then :( 相机不能带进场, 秀场外有一个专寄放相机的柜台, 是强制一定要寄放, 入场时还会有另一严格检查,  以防抄袭他们苦心策划的演出~ since there’s no camera allowed in the amazing theater… i cant snap the pics and show u guys, but here are what i found from the web :)

“Fantasy of a Kingdom” , the theater which combines Thai culture, magical illusions, aerial performances, acrobatics, indoor pyrotechnics, special effects and elephants!! i really love those elephants!!! ^^

幻多奇剧场每晚表演的精彩节目由歌舞、魔术、杂技与大象联合表演,并有英语和泰语讲解,梦幻式的以一条古老村落形式开幕,向游客展示泰国传统文化神秘的一面,更气势磅礴的以十多头大象一起到舞台上落幕~ ^^

由于梦幻王国是拉斯维加斯秀场的极致代表作,所以场景做得非常漂亮,同时更运用了视觉与听觉的感官刺激, 梦幻王国内容以王子复国故事为主,

利用高科技声光音效,展现泰国神话传奇。而透过故事的延展穿插著名的各地民俗舞蹈~ 为了增添舞台的娱乐及趣味性,节目中亦穿插欢乐性十足的神奇魔术,特技杂耍,泰国文化,象群马戏,四度空间的舞台特效,,烟火爆炸特效, 惊险绝技,空中飞人等. 特别是身着萤光色系的高空弹跳舞者,在剧场上空,不时的变化出令人叹为观止的舞姿。


~ the awesome Palace of the Elephants…


i saw many elephants!!!

除了参观大象,你也可以喂食它们,一桶40B, 里面有的是大象喜欢的甘蔗跟香蕉~
see, the adult elephant is so friendly, will move close to me and look at the camera ^^

也可以自费骑乘大象在园区内绕一圈 :)

i didn’t go for elephant ride~

cuz i was happy enough when:

可爱的小象可爱的小笑容! baby elephant smiles n take pics with me!! hehe!!! how adorable~~~~


another baby elephant danced and moved with me!! i so miss it now~~~~~~ :(


walking out and along the way, there are many lamp posts outside the parade that form a best view at night.


Gotta leave d, it’s closing d, can see the cleaner behind me?

Some info that i miss out:

Location 地点: Phuket Fantasea is located at Kamala Beach, 介于Kamala海滩和patong海滩之间, 9kms from Patong~
Transportation 交通信息: Taxi, rent a car or du du~ 乘坐出租车或嘟嘟车前往
Operating hours: 17:30-23.30p.m. daily except Thursday (might only open on Thursday if it’s a public holiday)
Ticketing 入门门票: There are few choice, u can either go for the show only, or show with buffet, as for show itself, u can choose to buy the golden seat or normal seat… u can pay extra too if u want Phuket Fantasea to fetch u go and back from hotel, they provide transportation service too, and u can even purchase the carnival games’ ticket outside~ so, the ticket price is really up to ur choices, as for mine, i go for normal seat and buffet, less than RM 200 per person~ 由于这是一个结合美食,购物,大型秀表演的乐园,门票就有分成两种计算方式, 一种是纯看演出,不含自助餐, 另一种是演出加上自助餐,  另外乐园内有接送服务,可以下旅店接送顾客到乐园, 看完演出再送回旅店, 当然,有额外收费~ 对了,剧院座位还有分为黄金座位和普通座位~ 要是要参加一些游乐小游戏项目(如投篮、套圈圈、射击等)是有联票的。如此详细了,你们购票时可不会像我那么糊涂啦不知道有座位之分和联票~ ^^ 为什么没放上票价,因它常有变动,总之看演出+自助餐是大约马币二百一人;)

click here for the website of Phuket Fantasea :)
it takes some time to load… kinda heavy web with many languages~

there are times when everything’s tiring and disappointing…

but look! i was happy. yeah, i was happy :)

回来后, 记得的只是阴霾和湿冷,忘记了那里的太阳曾经灿烂耀眼,照片中, 阳光在背后… 且没让我双眼眯成微笑, 但是,我终于想起… 阳光的温暖确实存在过 :)

hehe smile with me, hope u can still smile after all these sickening pics lah :P

enjoy the tour through these pics? haha, u are welcome lah :P :P :P

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